Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Wedding: Sanpei Yuuko and Nazuka Kaori

With a minute to go on April 1 (Japan time), Sanpei Yuuko posted this picture of Nazuka Kaori (left) in her blog, with the title: "Wife."

Checking over at Kaori's blog, she had posted the pic on the right at 9:01 p.m., with the title: "I got married (≧∇≦)."

Yuuyuu didn't say much, just: "Made it! Barely April [Fool's Day]. So it's Kaori (lol). We just decided to do a blog collaboration. Hee-hee."

Kaori wrote: "I got married (≧∇≦). To Yuuyuu (lol). April Fool's (o^∀^o) Were you surprised? Well, I've reached the age where marriage is no laughing matter ( ̄∀ ̄)  It could happen. Recently there have been weddings and babies all around. It makes even me excited. Really, no matter how old a woman is, deciding to get married, shining as a bride, having a baby -- they are all so full of warm feelings. Maybe it will happen for me... That would be nice...."

Yuuyuu and Kamosan (both 24) starred together in Eureka Seven, as Renton and Eureka. They were also together in Natsu no Arashi, as Hajime and Kaja. They have been friends since Eureka Seven (2005).

Yuuyuu tends to play boys, and sometimes dresses in masculine clothes. Kamosan has a tiny high voice, and plays girls, but in real life is a big woman with a passion for sports like scuba-diving and skiing.

Sanpei and her long-time friend Koshimizu Ami held a "wedding banquet" on a radio show in early 2008.


Kamon said...

I always thought they got close from doing Daa! Daa! Daa! Wow, that was 10 years ago. They were both just mid-teens at the time.

hashi said...

@Kamon -- You're right! I forgot about that. They've been a couple quite often, lol.