Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hirano Aya and Sasaki Nozomi Have a "Leisurely" Dinner Together

In both their blogs, Hirano Aya (left) and Sasaki Nozomi have reports of going out to dinner together last week.

Nozomi says they talked and talked and still had more to say. She says they were laughing two minutes out of three, and she was surprised when she realized that three hours passed.

Aaya says that they have been regulars in shows together for a long time -- in Jewelpet now for over a year and before that in Lucky Star -- and she was happy to finally go out for a meal together.

I'm reading fine entrails here, but it makes me glad that Aaya is spending time with someone new, laughing and having what Nozomi called a "leisurely" meal.

Personally, from what I think I know of them both, it seems to me that the relaxed and sociable Nozomi would be good for the tense and driven Aaya.

As for what they ate, Nozomi includes a picture of a green salad in her blog post.


Andrew said...

Yeah, it's nice to see Aya looking more relaxed and happy now. Sounds like this night out was just what she needed.

Maria said...

Wow at least aaya isn't looking so stressed anymore right? =D

hashi said...

@Maria -- Well, I'm not so sure. But at least it's a step in the right direction.

In posts today, Aaya mentions Nozomi coming over to her place. Nozomi says Aaya has a lot of books, and loaned her one.

Naoki said...

My friend notice that Aya has an engagement ring on her finger. But I think she has no intention on wearing it. What do you think about this, is there any news like this before?

hashi said...

@Naoki -- Good catch. I just took a look at some 2channel threads, and that has been noticed. There is now a "congratulations on your marriage" thread there. There are also rumors about Nozomi being married. And Aya just had a meal and an even longer conversation with Yonekura Chihiro, an older anisong singer who is definitely married. So perhaps Aya is looking for advice from those with experience.

One poster said she and her boyfriend argued when he revealed to her agency that she had been in hospital (the first time?), but I'm not sure if that was inside info or just imagination.

But this may all not be true. These kinds of rumors have popped up before, based on her randomly wearing a ring she liked, I think.