Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hirano Aya: I'm Not Getting Married

Now Aya herself has directly denied any plans for marriage, writing in her blog. She apologizes for acting so confusingly, but jokes: "Didn't I say that I didn't want to get married?"

And so she did. I myself posted here in March 2007 that she said on the Sumomomo radio show that she had long decided not to marry, that it imposed too many restrictions, and that if it came to that she would just live with someone. I wouldn't take that statement totally seriously, but she said it and remembered it, so it counts for something.

Aya joked today: "Please understand that I want to be able to have cold feet right up until I announce it myself on the blog. Lol. Amazing."


She posts thanks to the people who turned out for her live radio show, and says she was very nervous. "Can you tell from the photo?"

She feels she talked too much, and has many things to think about regarding her performance, but that she had a great time.

She says she realizes many fans like her with long black hair and straight bangs, but....

I hope I get across the strange combination of directness and concealment, pride and insecurity, strength and weakness that I feel from Aya, and that makes me enjoy this personality so much.


Glo said...

She really needs to eat something. Look at her shoulders...BONES.

Seriously, she looks anorexic.