Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Hirano Aya Married!?" Commotion on 2channel

The presence of a ring on the ring finger of Hirano Aya's left hand has sent her 2channel threads into a tizzy of congratulation and slander.

I myself didn't notice the ring in the picture I posted earlier of Aya with Sasaki Nozomi:

On 2channel, her supporters are congratulating her or expressing sadness that she is taken. And her haters are laughing at her supporters for having her taken away, and also rolling out their constant put-downs of her appearance and talent and wishes that would "just die."

It is a truism of the Japanese entertainment world -- of the seiyuu world in particular -- that when a seiyuu is known to be married, he or she loses fans and work.

But before we and 2channel all get too excited, I should caution you that this has happened before. Rumors of a relationship with Taniyama Kishou had a brief vogue. And she has worn a ring on her ring finger before. For instance in a photo from February 2008:

But the rumor mill has a life of its own (which I am feeding, lol).

There are at least some bits of circumstantial evidence this time. Her prolonged absence from the scene, explained by two stays in hospital, is different. So are her hints that there is more to that story than she can say right now.

And so is the fact that she has, unusually, had long dinners and talk with two friends, one of whom is rumored to be married, and the other of whom is definitely married. After her dinner with Sasaki Nozomi -- about whom a couple of different marriage rumors are swirling -- she spent seven hours eating and talking with Yonekura Chihiro, the 37-year-old anisong singer who is definitely married:

The idea is that she was seeking advice. Another poster claims -- whether from inside knowledge or pure fantasy, I don't know -- that her husband (-to-be?) told her agency about her going into hospital the first time, and this caused disagreement between them. This seems unlikely, since I can't imagine her manager not knowing her whereabouts at all times, but I guess it's possible.

Another 2channel poster speculates that some of her time away has been honeymoon.

Personally, I think this is all just rumor. But it might be true.There would certainly be plenty of guys who would like to try to make her happy. She once said she liked a man who looked good in a suit....


bmk said...

I first read about this on Sankaku, so I quickly dismissed it as rumor and I personally still think it is. I really feel the commotion is a much to do about nothing.

One of the comments on Sankaku made laugh:
"wearing a ring?!?! NOOOOO!! she MUST be engaged!

what? just a friendship ring? Her friend MUST be a guy!

what? Her friend is female??? She's not into guys??? NOOOOOO!!!!!"

hashi said...

@bmk -- I only heard about this from Naoki's comment on my earlier post. I'm not reading Sankaku so much any more, partly since he's not on Animenano. And anyway I tend to avoid some of his Hirano posts, since he's such a heartless, idiotic anti-, like so many 2channelers.

teh su said...

Whether the rumor is true or not, I personally think it's a bit of a overreaction to go from ring on finger to 'ohmygad she's married!!!!'
Might be my western mindset but to me a ring might as well be a fashion accessory. People tend to draw the most extreme conclusions :/

But if it proves to be true: good for her.

(meh, my english got kinda rusty m(_ _)m )

bmk said...

@hashi Yeah, I'll occasionally go on Sankaku, just because all the posts there are WTF crazy. It's clearly obvious he doesn't like Aya, which makes it easy for me dismiss his information on his Aya posts as simple hate-mongering.

If this whole commotion ends up being true, it's not going to stop me from supporting her in whatever venture she goes into. I'll still listen to her voice-acting and singing and I'll still buy her DVDs (even more Love DVDs would be welcome). My gut instinct though is that this is all simply a rumor.

Shana-nee said...

I don't know. It's a bit baseless, so I'm thinking of this as a rumor. Even if wearing a ring on your ring finger may be crucial. But there are females who wears their rings there just for fun, or it's the only finger where that ring could fit =P

In any case, I think this is too circumstantial. We all know that Aaya's health is not its best, so going to the hospital for a few times in a week is actually normal. I'd rather be surprised if she didn't. -.-"

@bmk and hashi: And yes, sankaku hates Aya, and a lot more international fans. =/

Anonymous said...

The anti-Aya people make me sick, but whatever, they can't take away her success.

Whether she's married or not, I don't care. I just hope that 1) she's happy and 2) she's going to continue to do seiyuu work. If we lose 2), then I'll still be glad if we can get 1).

Andrew said...

I'd definitely have to congratulate Aya if she's married or engaged. But I would be a bit annoyed if the news about her health was all just alibis. It isn't right to mislead people about one's condition like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about marriage in Japan, but that ring is a bit plain to be considered an engagement ring. And usually married women have the engagement ring they received in addition to the wedding band.

But it might be low-key so as to not draw attention to it.

abandonedfactory said...

I have never understood people who lose interest in someone as an artist when she becomes married. How delusional do they have to be to not understand they HAD NO CHANCE WITH HER TO BEGIN WITH? She could have been married, on the moon, in another epoch. They had no chance with her. So love her acting, enjoy her singing, put her poster up on the wall. It's all good, because they NEVER had a chance with her to begin with. :face palm:

hashi said...

1. Really, just seeing a ring is far from proof of anything. And she has worn one as a fashion accessory before.

2. I agree, Andrew, I hope she didn't cook up the illness to hide something like this. I doubt she did. But if her days in hospital and days off don't quite add up, that would be all right with me....

3. I sometimes let my liking for Aya get the better of me. Sankaku is a fine blog, unique in many ways. I guess I can let him be silly about Aya, lol.

4. The angry reaction of otaku -- male or female -- to a seiyuu getting married never did make any sense to me. I guess I can just about understand...but not really.

5. Aya's agency has issued a denial that she is married. Asked if she normally wore a ring on her left ring finger, they answered that they didn't know.

Anonymous said...

@hashi Sankaku is a fine blog? Lol, if you want to see amateur pornography and hentai screens. The articles are okay too, but, man, that site is so X-Rated.

Anonymous said...

Saying nice things about Sankaku is completely unnecessary. Don't feel bad about calling trolls out as trolls.

Sankaku is pretty much the darkest pit of failure in western otaku fandom, period. It's just a porn blog with occasional sensationalist "news" mixed in.

dingmajiao said...

it isnt the first time she wore a ring on her ring finger right!?

if i'm not wrong, it isnt the first time that a rumor is created because she wore a ring on her ring finger..

as for sankaku, i shall pass mentioning about anti-aya..