Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hirano Aya -- More Friends, No Marriage

Today on Aya's blog, she has another pic of herself at dinner with friends. And elsewhere, both her agency and her friend Sasaki Nozomi deny she is married.

This time, she was eating with two of her co-stars on Jewelpet, Sasaki Nozomi, and Saitou Ayaka, perhaps along with some unmentioned staff or managers:

They ate broiled meat together. Aya planned to take a picture of them with the meal, but they dove in so enthusiastically that the food was gone before she got around to taking the shot. Aya and Nozomi are still wearing the aprons provided by the restaurant.

This business of dinner with friends is significant because her apparent lack of friends in the business is one of the things her detractors hold against her. Maybe, in her time of trial, she is reaching out.

Yahoo Japan phoned her agency and asked about the marriage rumors. A spokesman for Spacecraft said there was no truth in them. Asked if she normally wore a ring on her left ring finger, they said they didn't know.

Their denial was a bit vague, but Sasaki Nozomi's wasn't. She mentioned on Twitter that she had eaten with Aya at least twice this past week, and added: "Oh, also: not married. We both are unmarried. Now. Lol."
ここ数日であーやと2かいもゴハンしてるといわれたが、フフフ、みん な甘いな!それ以上なんだぜ!と、いい逃げて寝る!(笑)
あ!あと、結婚してないよ! われわれは未婚!なう!(笑)

As a fan of Nozomi's, I was glad to see a poster on Aya's thread commenting how cute she was. It all helps.

On her blog, Aya also has a pic of herself (right) doing an ad for the live radio broadcast she did yesterday. A poster on  2channel who attended the event congratulated her fans. No details yet. She does a weekly show on broadcast radio from 1:30 to 2 a.m. Tuesday nights, called Hirano Aya Midnight Radio. If you'd like to hear the comparatively natural voice she uses there, have a listen to last week's show:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the radio show link. I don't listen to them because, well, I don't understand much spoken Japanese. But hearing her casual speaking voice was really fun.

Anonymous said...

love how there's lots of Aya articles in the recent weeks. Thanks for updating us with her recent activities in her blog

Andrew said...

So that's her real voice? She sounds so mature. And I've heard people say she sounds more like Konata in real life.

Maybe it's just the nature of her radio presentation, but with her recent nerve and health troubles, it's nice to hear her sounding at ease here.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- She's a seiyuu. I'm not sure she has a "real" voice, lol. But that is how I think of her sounding "in real life," from hearing her in clips here and there and on her TV show. She puts on the standard high voice for concerts and doing announcing and being cute, etc., etc. But this feels like her, to me. I think she really is mature, despite her mental health problems, whatever they are.