Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Katou Emiri's Teeth

Seiyuu Katou Emiri is a beautiful woman. But you hardly ever see a picture of her with a full smile.

She has very crooked teeth and avoids showing them. There have even been comments on the Internet making fun of her teeth.

But now, she says in her blog, she has started on a course of orthodontia to straighten them.

She says she saved up the money and finally, late last month, the time was right to do it. She calls it "an investment in the future." (click images to enlarge)

She says people told her she didn't have to, that she looked fine, but she decided that she would do what she really wanted -- "as a woman" -- and go ahead.

She almost didn't do it. She knew it wasn't necessary for seiyuu work itself, but she was so embarrassed by her teeth that she almost decided to solve the problem by just not making public appearances.
However, friendly comments at events, in letters, and on her blog convinced her to keep making appearances, even though it was sometimes hard for her, knowing how her teeth looked. She says that people's support allowed her to keep doing the things she wanted to do.

Still, she didn't like how she looked in photos she took of herself -- as opposed to studio and magazine photos -- so there are very few photos of her in her blog. She apologizes for that.

Her blog post has garnered over 600 positive comments. And over the past few days, a flood of largely positive comments in her thread on the Japanese discussion board 2channel have made her the fourth most-talked-about seiyuu there. Posts are coming at the rate of 168 a day.

She says that it is people's support that has enabled her to become the stronger person she is today, and she apologizes for needing it from them.

If I were a seiyuu, I might think twice about altering the shape of mouth, in case it affected the way I sounded, but she doesn't say anything about that.

Emirin debuted as a seiyuu in 2004, with a role in Kyou Kara Maoh. In 2006, she played Hyper Blossom in Powerpuff Girls Z.

But she really came to prominence in 2007, as Kagami in Lucky Star. She was given a "best new seiyuu" award for that role.

Since then, she has starred in Telepathy Girl Ran, and was Blair in Soul Eater and Sakuya in Candy Boy.

Her career got two big boosts recently, with roles in Bakemonogatari, as Hachikuji Mayoi; and in Baka to Test, playing both gentle trap character Hideyoshi and his harsher sister.

She has a very active blog and is even more active on Twitter.

In this picture with Fukuhara Kaori (Tsukasa in Lucky Star) and Hirano Aya (Konata), you can see who keeps her mouth closed:


cortana said...

Good for her. It's nice to see someone take an active path to improving their self-esteem in such a positive way. She's cute regardless, but straight teeth will let her feel that way and smile too.

Panther said...

Yeah the move does a lot for her self-esteem. I knew about her teeth problem but not to this extent.

Jack said...

I always thought it looked strange how she has her mouth closed in every picture I saw of her. Obviously they are not straight but I don't think it looks bad. My other favorite seiyuu Ito Shizuka appears to have had some kind of dental work done sometime in the last couple of years and her voice still sounds the same, so I am hopeful that Kato Emiri's voice remains the same as well.

Peanutbutter003 said...

I totally agree with the "investment" into the future stuff.

Maybe it'll be the move to propel her to the next higher level.

Kai said...

I wouldn't mind if she got into a few more seiyuu mags, as she's got a pretty face and a nice smile.

dentist jacksonville said...

For a beautiful smile it has to be done. Its really good for her.
Good Luck!

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