Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PV: Sphere's New Release Enters Charts at #10

Sphere's "REALOVE:REALIFE"  -- the OP for the entertaining new anime Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou -- was officially released on Wednesday and entered the Oricon daily singles charts at #10. Not as high as I might have expected, but pretty good, anyway.

Sphere is now on tour in support of the release, and all four members of the group are posting about it on their photo blogs:
Tomatsu Haruka
Kotobuki Minako
Takagaki Ayahi
Toyosaki Aki

Here's the PV:

Good PV of a driving pop-rock number that is holding up for me under the weight of repeated listenings. A classic pop video, giving lots of loving close-ups of the singers. Kudos to the make-up, costume, stage design, and lighting people, who make all four look prettier than ever, especially Tomatsu and Aki. Tomatsu's wink and Ayahi's little shimmy don't hurt, either.

I know this is a group manufactured by Sony through Music Ray'n, but it has been satisfying to see them go from being just names on a website to releasing CDs to getting better at their work and better known.

The song was written by Kurosu Katsuhiko, a Lantis guy who wrote "Love Gun" and "Monstar" for Hirano Aya.

EDIT: Slipped to #11 on its second day on the charts.


bmk said...

Really love this song. It has a nice and catchy beat and it's a great, upbeat OP for Ichiban.

And all the girls look great in the video. Mina-chan's smile especially stands out for me in the video.

"That was a smile that would make anyone who saw it fall in love." -Kyon

It really does seem like Sphere is doing very well as a group. And with Ayahi's solo debut coming this summer (, it seems Sony and Music Ray'n are doing a good job of launching their individual solo music careers. Mina-chan's solo debut is probably just around the corner and I can't wait for that either.

koekihane said...

Did anyone realise that Aki's fang tooth disappeared??

Andrew said...

Yeah, I didn't see Aki's fang either. I read a (badly translated) version of her blog, and I don't think she mentioned capping or trimming it or anything at all. You'd think fans would consider her fang a major moe point.

Even so, that was a great song! Although when I first heard it on the Ichiban OP, I didn't recognize that as Sphere.

Anonymous said...

Your favorite member of Sphere is obviously Ayahi. Who is your second favorite?

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- Tomatsu, as both singer and seiyuu.

Anonymous said...

Did they give more solos in the pv? Sounds different from the anime op in a way.