Thursday, April 08, 2010

Seiyuu Sasaki Nozomi On Eve no Jikan Film and "Evlend" Coffee

The outstanding science fiction OVA series Eve no Jikan is now out in Japan as a theatrical film.

Seiyuu Sasaki Nozomi gives it a big thumbs up in her blog post "Evlend" -- which is the name of the blend of coffee served in the Time of Eve cafe featured in the film.

She says a friend invited her to go and she loved it, especially the music. It gave her a tight feeling in her chest, and she shed bitter tears.

Saiga Mitsuki told her that she loved it, too.

Nozomi-chan called her friend "Rina Onee-chan" (Satou Rina, a star of the show) and said she'd love to try Evlend coffee.

"Well, little sister, come on over," replied Rina. So she did.

She and Rina and Rina's cat Haine-chan talked and talked. And she loved the coffee.

Eve no Jikan ("Time of Eve") is set in a near-future Japan in which androids have become common, but are treated as servants and not given human freedoms.

The Time of Eve cafe is a little place where the rule is that no distinction can be made between humans and androids. 

Besides Rina-chan, the show also stars such luminaries as Fukuyama Jun, Tanaka Rie, Yukana, Sawashiro Miyuki, and Sugita Tomokazu.

It is directed by young creator Yoshiura Yasuhiro, who also did the excellent Pale Cocoon, and from whom we will definitely see more. The movie includes new footage that was not in the OVA.

NOTE: I checked the shopping page linked to from the anime's official site, and the coffee (at about $30 for under 1/2 pound, including "designer canister") is sold out. The cups (at about $10 each, plus shipping) will be restocked at the end of April.


abandonedfactory said...

I really liked the earlier release, so I'm looking forward to this extended edition. I thought it did a nice job of exploring a number of issues, and it looked amazing.

Not sure I would bother importing Evlend myself, but if anyone's looking for a birthday gift for me, I could probably put the cup to good use. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rina Satou's her friend huh? And calling her Rina onee-chan?

Is this a reference from Toaru Majutsu No index where Rina was Misaka Mikoto and Sasaki Nozomi (is this the same one?) was Misaka Imouto?