Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi Punked at Tokyo Anime Fair

During February and March, young seiyuu Yuuki Aoi has had a gig doing voice-overs for the Animax TV anime interview show Anisong Plus.

During the early April show featuring the previous weekend's Tokyo International Anime Fair, they broadcast a little feature where she was told the show would be ending. She naturally reacted with disappointment -- in an appropriately restrained Japanese way.

Then she was told that Anisong Plus would have a successor program called "Aniso-o-ong Plus," and she gradually realized that it had all been a joke. Here is the clip, originally from a Japanese streaming site:

The voice of the announcer is Sawashiro Miyuki, the seiyuu Ao-chan admires most, and who was her co-star in Kure-nai. But perhaps she was not the person speaking with Ao-chan at the event. Anyway, here's a rough translation:

Announcer: Meanwhile at the Aniplex booth, the Anisong Plus family has news on who will be appearing in the events. It's all there!

Here's the little sister in the Anisong Plus family, Yuuki Aoi-chan.

Actually, Ao-chan,  Anisong Plus is ending at the end of March.

Ao-chan: What!? What!? Nooo!

Announcer: Thank you for everything.

Ao-chan: Thank you, too. I enjoyed being part of it so much. I never imagined I would get this chance. Really. What a shame!

Announcer: But even though Anisong Plus is ending, a successor program called Aniso-o-ong Plus is starting.

Ao-chan: Aniso-o-ong Plus?

Announcer: Yes. (in English)

Ao-chan: Okay. (in English) I will definitely...

Announcer: Ao-chan, let's work together from now on.

Ao-chan: Yes, let's work together on Aniso-o-ong Plus. Aniso-o-ong Plus!

Announcer: Yes, that's cute.

And here, just to keep up with posting almost all the pictures of Ao-chan that show up on 2channel (lol), are two pics. First is a page from the current issue of Sei-gura magazine, showing the three female leads of the new harem comedy Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou: (l-r) Hikasa Youko (Hattori), Toyosaki Aki (Soga), Yuuki Aoi (Corone): (click images to enlarge)

Ao-chan's character, Corone, is a pretty android sent to observe and protect the hero of the show. She is one of the most amusing anime androids yet: she teases the protagonist in her mechanical, matter-of-fact voice, and follows him into the school washroom, where she observes the other boys, shall we say, closely. Reaction from viewers of the anime has been highly positive.

Finally, here is a two-year old pic, from the time Yuuki-san was playing Murasaki in Kure-nai:


Andrew said...

That beret has become like her trademark.

Sorry for her if she got upset by that.

Rei said...

lolol it's like Hikasa stole Yuuki's beret in that picture xD

Anonymous said...

It's cute how she has to lean her head back and look up :D
Her normal talking voice doesn't sound like I imagined though.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- As I said in my bio post, her natural voice isn't that pretty, but she can do just about anything with it.

In the radio shows, and even in the clip from when she was ten, you can hear how she likes to play with her voice -- like the blaring "nan to?" in the clip here.