Monday, April 05, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Fans React to Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou Event at TAF

The Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou event at the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) on Saturday, March 28, featured seiyuus Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, and Yuuki Aoi (l-r).

Of the three, it was the Yuuki Aoi fans on 2channel who were bowled over by it, with fans of the other two more interested in their roles in K-On!!

Ao-chan's fans have been loading her current 2channel thread with admiration all week, especially since a report of the event appeared. "Why isn't there a cute otaku girl like that in my class?" lamented one poster. "I'd like to play God Eater with her," writes another, referring to her recent enjoyment of that game. Another posts pics of a BL manga she has said she likes, and suggests that it would be a big hurdle for a guy to get over. Another said he'd love to talk with her, even on the phone. Others say they would like to do other things with her....

All praise her work on her radio shows (for Vampire Bund, Yutori-chan, and Dai Maou). One poster says her work has clearly been improving through the long runs of Kiruminzuu and Yumeiro Patissiere, both of which are on episode 26 and heading for twice that number. Another says her acting in the final episode of Vampire Bund completely captivated him. One poster gives the opinion that at the beginning of Vampire Bund, she was still sounding like Murasaki in Kurenai, but from the mid-point on, she was really getting inside the role, as her idol Sawashiro Miyuki does. "I'm addicted to her acting," writes one. "It's true, this kid is a really talented seiyuu," writes another. I agree with the poster who said her work as "Black Yutori-chan" in episode 13 of Yutori-chan was amazing.

On Aki's thread, people commented on how tall she was. "She looks like a different species," wrote one poster. Officially, Aki is 169cm tall (5'6½"), but there is a rumor that she is actually 178cm (5'10"). And she seems to wear high-heeled boots that do nothing to reduce her height. She is clearly the tallest in Sphere, usually hunching or leaning a bit for pictures. And Tomatsu Haruka is 165cm. It is ironic that Aki -- like big, athletic Nazuka Kaori -- specializes in small moe voices.

Hikasa Youko ("Hyocchi") is 157cm (5'2"), and Ao-chan is 148cm (4'10").

The event consisted of questions and answers with the seiyuus, and a showing of episode one of the anime, a few days before it was broadcast on TV. The seiyuus said that recording sessions for the show, which is a harem comedy with plenty of fanservice, were hectic, with the line-up of seiyuus stepping back and forth to the mics in that intricate dance that is part of a seiyuu's craft.

They said that 32-year-old party-girl Takahashi Chiaki (see updated characters/seiyuus page), who is doing such a good job of playing Torii-sensei, is the "mood-maker" in the group, keeping everyone loose. Hyocchi is proving that her success as Mio in K-On! was no fluke, giving us a vivid and likable blue-haired Hattori. Aki makes an indelible impression as a loopy little redhead who considers the lead guy her prince and she his protector from his enemies in the school of magic where the show is set. Ao-chan gives us a new variation on her Noel voice (Sora no Woto) as a pretty green-haired android who in fact does have the job of protecting him.

In her final message to fans, Ao-chan said that it was a great birthday present (she turned 18 that day) to see the first episode in its final form. She said it had a wonderful pace and many scenes that even made a girl's heart beat faster (despite the show being clearly aimed at guys).

Source: Hobby Channel.


bmk said...

Happy belated 18th birthday for Ao-chan. Unfortunately I haven't heard a lot of her voice work as I passed on Vampire Bund and Kure-nai and stalled on Sora no Woto. I might give Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou a look to hear her voice again.

Never really realized that Aki-chan was that tall. Just never really noticed when I watched Sphere's music videos.

Rei said...

O wow, I cannot get enough of Aki's new hairstyle. I really really like it and it makes her look heaps younger :D
Pisaka's clothes....... *A* I WANT TO DRAW THEM.
Yuuki-chan looks so kawaii in her clothes :3 I like the image she brings off. She may be small, and young, but she knows what she's doing and does it superbly well.

cowboybibimbop said...

Aki's looks having gotten progressively better since K-ON! and/or I'm just simply warming up to her more? Either way, this new hairstyle definitely looks great on her. I most certainly hope she rocks this more from this point on. Her personality and charisma, too, is charming and what makes her a favourite with many seiyuu fans I've spoken with.

hashi said...

@bmk -- For a quick hit of one of Ao-chan's styles, try a couple of 2-1/2 minute episodes of Yutori-chan. Ep 13 is golden, but you probably have to watch an earlier one to get the whole situation of her as a slacker teen working part-time at a company.

I love the kids' show Yumeiro Patissiere, where she is an innocent, energetic dojikko who is learning to bake patisseries (very well). One episode of that would give you the idea of another of her styles.

But the seriousness of the later episodes of both Vampire Bund and Sora no Woto is the kind of stuff I like best. I tend to like natural seiyuu who don't necessarily have technical skill, but she is an exception: all the skill in the world.

Maybe Aki doesn't look so tall in Sphere because Tomatsu also fairly tall (165cm). But I think 169-170cm is probably close to right. She may have been wearing higher boots than the others at the event, and she was a bit nearer the camera.

@Rei -- I agree about Aki's hairstyle. I always felt the previous styles were interesting, but looked just a bit dumpy or old-fashioned. Not this one. Interesting that it makes her taller, too, like the boots. Making a strength out of what might be a weakness.

Aki-Fan said...

Well... Despite being tall, Aki is still cute, right? I mean, sure, I knew some time ago that she's tall, but it's actually the face that I look at. So I don't give crap about her height.

hashi said...

@Aki-Fan -- Oh, man, is she cute. Being tall is not a bad thing. I didn't mean that at all. Nor is being short. Whatever some people might think. But that doesn't mean we can't care if someone is one (Aki) or the other (Ao-chan). I don't recall anyone in the 2channel Aki thread saying it was a bad thing. But they sure noticed.

kuroiyuki88 said...

Nyaaa Hiyonikki (Hikasa Yoko) has shorter haiirrrr XD~