Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hirano Aya In Early May

Hirano Aya is clearly still recovering, but at least she still has several good gigs going, and has been getting out a bit as well.

She was at her friend Nakagawa Shouko's live performance recently, as well as at her friends Granrodeo's Budokan live.

Aya recently appeared live at the opening of the movie Bungaku Shoujo, starring Hanazawa Kana, in which Aya plays Miu.

She continues her roles in Fairy Tail and Jewelpet Tinkle. Neither show is of much interest to me, but I'm glad she continues to have solid gigs, even during this difficult time.

Her enjoyable radio show, Hirano Aya Midnight Radio, is on every week (link to Nicovideo audio; Google "register nicovideo" for registration instructions).

Aya also continues to see Sasaki Nozomi for meals and moral support now and then. I can't help thinking of Nozomi, the sociable former shrine maiden, as a kind of Shinto therapist.

But it was rather sad to read Aya's comments about the Budokan live:

"I went to Grandrodeo's Budokan live! Budokan at last! It was moving. I was jealous of them crashing around on that stage. I was happy that it was a good performance, but I regretted that it wasn't me v(>w<)v"

Granrodeo consists of seiyuu/musician Taniyama Kishou ("Kishow") and musician Iizuka Masaaki ("E-zuka"). Aya is close enough friends with Taniyama that they were once rumored to be an item.

The photos below show her with Shouko-tan (second from left), top seiyuu Saiga Mitsuki (left) and mangaka Tanemura Arina (Full Moon wo Sagashite, Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne).

That's from Shouko-tan's live. The other photo is her backstage pass (which she is keeping as a souvenir) to Granrodeo's live.

Aya had planned to attend the live performance by famous American musician and music producer Nile Rodgers at the Blue Note in Tokyo, but was unable to get there. Imagine her surprise when Nile was photographed holding a sign wishing her a speedy recovery (in English):

Nile Rodgers has played on many albums and sound tracks, and has produced albums and singles for David Bowie, Grace Jones, Eric Clapton, Diana Ross, Mick Jagger, and SMAP, among many, many others.

But Aya is still not back to form. Here are a couple of recent photos that make her look so pretty, yet  still wounded. The short hair of a nun or a recovering patient seems so appropriate:

Even at the wrap-party for Jewelpet 1, she looked like a recovering patient. Aya is in the middle, Sasaki Nozomi on the right, Saitou Ayaka between them, and Shishido Rumi beside Aya in black. Sorry, I'm not sure which cast-members the other two are (possibly Akina behind Aya and a very poor photo of Kamei Eri on the left?):

Elsewhere, anti-Hirano otaku continue their bizarre antics, publishing the photo in pink as a way to "troll Aya Hirano fans." Childish, stupid, and heartless are only the first words that come to mind. And, of course, deaf and blind, lol.

It would just be funny if I didn't think their constant ridicule was causing her harm. I know that I would be a gibbering wreck if I had to put up with a tenth of what she does. Ganbatte, Aya.


Anonymous said...

Much love to Aya. Thanks for keeping us updated on how she's doing - I'd read her blog myself if I could read Japanese!

bmk said...

Looking at the last two solo pics, with her short black hair and the seemingly lack of expression on her face, makes me think how fragile Aya seems/continues to be. It scares me a bit.

Still, it's good to see her up and about. And as always, I wish nothing but the best for her.

dingmajiao said...

The picture where she is dressed in green have panda eyes all over..

She seems to be in concert mode recently.. These posts were just recent post..

When she was still ill, she was in anime/movie mode(think she mentioned that on Aya Midnight Radio that she was watching all the animes and movies that she have/received)

Good to see her updating her blog though..

hashi said...

@bmk -- I titled the biographical post I did three years ago "The Fragile Strength of Hirano Aya." The contradiction still holds true, even though the "fragile" part seems uppermost at the moment.

Andrew said...

Wow, Nile cool is that that Aya got to meet him! I wonder how he found out about her?

Anyway, it's of course good that she's somewhat back on her feet now. But she still looks rail-thin. Again, if she really does have some kind of eating disorder, that would require serious treatment.

abandonedfactory said...

She does look thin, but compared to almost any recent photo, she looks healthy. She must have put on a few pounds, which is a GOOD THING. Even that pic right after she dyed her hair black was scary because she looked like there was no flesh left on her bones.

I'm really glad to see this healthy change. I hope she is much happier these days now that she gets to spend time with friends and family.