Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hirano Aya Visits Nara

It's so good to see Aya reducing her workload and taking all these mini-vacations.

This time she and her mother went alone to Nara and vicinity, with all its ancient sites.

But my main reason for posting is this photo of Aya taken by her mother on the train home.

It seems like a relaxed smile that no professional photographer could get. I feel as if we can see all the sadness and sense of comfort I imagine Aya felt at that moment.

 On the trip they visited the ancient sites around Asuka, in the Yamato Plain south of Nara.

Asuka was probably the first Japanese imperial capital, from around 550 to around 700AD. That was when Buddhism was just beginning to gain popularity in Japan. They also went to see old burial mounds in the area.

Aya said it had been so long since she had taken a tour by bus. They took the train to Kyoto, and then a bus either from there or from Nara.

It was raining, but Aya says that didn't discourage them from visiting the Kitora Kofun tomb and other ancient tombs near Asuka:

The picture above right is a tomb called the "stone dance stage." The figures below left are at the Kitora Kofun tomb, and Aya said they reminded her of the anime Sen to Chihiro. Below right is the Takamatsuzaka tomb, from around 700 AD.

They also visited the soba noodle shop run by a former NHK announcer, where they enjoyed the food and reminiscences about shows such as Anne of Green Gables:


Andrew said...

Looks like a nice trip. I wonder if, just today, she went to Minori Chihara's concert at the Budokan. (JimOne was also there.)

And she does look at ease in that photo on the train.

Shana-nee said...

She does look sad... I hope she's doing okay right now. =)

Thank you for this relaxing news hashi-san!

abandonedfactory said...

:) She might have just been tired from walking around. First picture of her in a while where she looks like she has a healthy weight!

Rei said...

Yay Aya =3 I'm glad she's getting better and looking much more healthier. Pic def one to save =]

hashi said...

@Andrew -- Yes, I wonder. No word yet. Endou Aya, however, had a nice piece about it in her blog: "The light-sticks are still shining."

Peanutbutter003 said...

She still doesn't have that spark in her eye nor that glint in her smile.

Feels like a totally different person after her "break".

hashi said...

@Peanubutter003 -- I won't go so far as to agree that she is "a totally different person," but she does seem kind of wounded to me. Like not as confident as she has been. Or perhaps not as able or willing to fake things -- which would be a plus, in my highly non-Japanese opinion.

paris said...

nice trip.