Friday, May 21, 2010

Hirano Aya Writes About Holidays and Food

Hirano Aya's blog hasn't been very active recently, but what she has written has largely been about trips to the countryside.

She recently took a one-day driving trip to a shrine near Mount Fuji, with Saiga Mitsuki and Sasaki Nozomi. Prior to that, she visited the hot spring and theme park at Kinugawa.

All this relaxation, however -- if that's all it was -- doesn't mean that work is not still coming. This summer, she will star with Fukuyama Jun in the new TV anime series Nurarihyon no Mago. A new six-episode OVA series of Queen's Blade will also begin.

She commented how "healing" the shrine near Fuji was. On their trip, they went via the mountains and returned via the sea. They ate at parking areas: udon noodles and sakura shrimp and a special grape soft drink. They had good-tasting, fresh water. And they came back with gifts for friends -- all food.

Saiga Mitsuki mentions the trip in her blog, too, saying she received an invitation to go along with Nozomi, but with perfect delicacy did not mention Aya. Saiga-san specified that it was the Sengen Taisha shrine at Fujinomiya.

The theme park at Kinugawa includes numerous 1/25 scale models of famous places in Japan and around the world. Such as Ancient Egypt, which Aya has always been fascinated by, and the Vatican:

The figures are about 2-1/2 inches high.

Prior to her trips, she reported on shopping for a bag -- the style was much more urban than her rural vacations:

She said she liked the handcuff strap....

In her blog, Sasaki Nozomi mentioned going out to dinner with Aya again recently, and then going afterwards to karaoke together.


Andrew said...

Hmm, who was driving on this trip? Does Aya have a license? I thought not a lot of seiyuus had driver's licenses since a lot of them probably live right in town and mostly rely on public transit.

That miniature park looks interesting. I've always been fascinated by model railroads and other miniature layouts.

Antoinette said...

I'm curious, is there some issue with Saiga Mitsuki being seen with Aya or am I just reading into your comment?

hashi said...

@Antoinette -- No, no issue at all. I was surprised that they were friends like this, but that's only because I hadn't seen Aya mention her before, except a couple of weeks ago at Shouko-tan's live.

I must admit I personally find Saiga-san a fascinating figure, since she dresses in a kind of Takarazuka masculine style all the time, but I also understand that she is a kindly, almost motherly person in some people's eyes. I want to learn more about her.

Antoinette said...

@Hashi: Those are interesting facts about her. I would never have guessed considering how "rock star" she seems to be (viewed a lot of her PVs and some of the characters she's voiced in the past seem to have that "cool" aura). She and Aya do seem very unlikely to have a friendship if one were to go by appearances so I totally understand your surprise. Thanks for replying.