Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: Interview With Lead Writer

Interesting interview with the lead writer for Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Yoshioka Takao, on the Japanese site Hobby Channel.

The show is a harem comedy including strong adventure elements, set in a school for magic, and including plenty of inventive fanservice. One of its strong points is the energetic pace it maintains.

Asked which character he liked best, Yoshioka-san said Akuto (the protagonist), that he was someone who went straight ahead, even at the risk of blowing himself up. He said Akuto just had a good feeling about him, and he felt no stress at all writing him.

What scene did he like? The classroom scene in episode one where Akuto was introducing himself. He thought that director Watanabe Takashi and star Kondou Takashi worked as a perfect match in that scene, to introduce the character and the situation.

What was the hardest part of doing the show? As with all light novel adaptations it was condensing the story and dividing it into twelve 25-minute episodes, when the original was not divided that way.

For establishing the characters, which he felt were very well established in the novel, at the beginning in particular he used monologues by Akuto to set who he was and to emphasize the humorous misunderstandings. That way he could kill two birds with one stone: showing who the character was and avoiding boring exposition.

He was asked about the fanservice scenes, and what had to be emphasized there. He answered that there wasn't that much fanservice in his script, and that he himself thought that overdoing panty shots reduced their impact. (He was the writer on Sky Girls and Queen's Blade, so I'm not sure what this means.)

He said that the cast hadn't been set when he wrote the script, and that it was a big surprise to him when he saw Yuuki Aoi (the seiyuu for Korone) standing there in her school uniform saying "this and that" (Korone's lascivious lines). He said it pained him to see it. "But she graduated from high school during the recording, so it was okay after that." The writer of the interview comments in parentheses: "Whaat?"

He was asked for a comment to readers, and said that in this world, with its ups and downs, if the anime can bring people a moment of pleasure, he will be happy to have been a member of its staff.


Cosign said...

So far of what I've watched,(ep7) Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō is not a good anime. The voice acting is serviceable. There was a bit of humour here and there at the beginning of the show but the show just kind of... dies, and in a most disgusting way. I would compare it to Seikon no Qwaser and KissXSis.

I also feel bad for Aoi Yuuki. I feel like she has enough talent to make it on other, less fan-servicey shows. I do enjoy her work a great deal mostly because the sound of her voice doesn't sound 'Trope'.

bmk said...

I have to respectfully disagree with Cosign and say that I really enjoy Ichiban. I think it is a very good anime. Extremely likeable characters, interesting story and setting, and good for a few laughs. And Ao-chan is doing an amazing job as Korone. Not to be confused with a classic or an all-time great anime, but a funny, enjoyable anime nonetheless.

Andrew said...

I agree with BMK. The fanservice here is just so over-the-top, and also more verbal, so it's a bit easier to take. It also gives the show a rather silly air.

I was...amused by the creator's comments on cute little Yuuki Aoi being cast as the most perverted character. What have her thoughts been on that?

hashi said...

@Cosign -- I enjoy the show, but I can understand being repelled by it. I myself find Seikon hard to take, because of the sexual violence, and have now come to not even be able to watch kissxsis (not that I don't try from time to time). That show seems to me to have little more to it than its extreme fanservice, whereas this show uses the fanservice to add spice to a show that already has something going for it. It is a good seinen/shounen harem adventure, but if that isn't a genre one can enjoy....

@Andrew -- Yuuki has only just now expressed her feelings about the show, in an interview here.

In brief, she says she'd like to fluff Korone's tail, lol. She says she was aiming to create a character that was a sexy android who was very human-like. I'd say that's exactly what she has done. She seems to have no hesitation about the word "sexy" (iroke), repeating it twice.

To become a top seiyuu, she has to be able to do all kinds of shows, from serious shounen adventure dramas like Vampire Bund, to young-shoujo inspirational comedies like Yumeiro Patissiere, to seinen harem shows with fanservice, like this show. I'd say she has broadened her professional reach tremendously with this show.

paris said...

i watch all episode it's a veru good serie