Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yuuki Aoi On Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou

Yuuki Aoi says her intention in playing Korone in Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou was to create a very human sexy android.

I'd say she succeeded. Korone starts with the mechanical voice of a robot, but even with the first of her outrageously raunchy and/or jesting lines, she seems to slip toward something much more human. And Yuuki brings out a subtle layer of very human longing in the supposed android.

In an interview on the Japanese site Hobby Channel, Yuuki was asked what her first impression of the show was. "That the girls were so cute and to feel sorry for poor Akuto," she replied.

What was your initial impression of your character, Korone? 
"I wanted to fluff her tail."

What is the most beguiling thing about Korone?
"Besides her fluffy tail, the fact that hidden behind her expressionlessness is an android with the heart of a human being."

Besides your own character, which is the character in the show that interests you most? 
"Lili, the student council president. The sort of neutral feeling she gives off is just wonderful."

From the beginning to the middle part of the story, what is the scene that made the greatest impression on you? 
"As Korone, it was the scene when pulling on my tail stopped me working."

What do you think people should pay attention to in the middle part of the story, up to episode 8?
"So many important characters appear: Peterhausen, Yamato Bouichi, Brave, etc."

What one word would you use to describe the work?
"Dotabata ('knockabout')? Or maybe dekoboko ('bumpy')? Somehow that's the impression I get from the way Akuto is knocked this way and that by everyone."

Akuto's relationships with the various women are a main point of interest in the show, but who would you yourself like to see him end up with, and why?
"As Korone...I think it would be Junko. As for why, I think you'll have to watch the show."

What was the atmosphere like during the recording? Please tell us about an incident that happened during the recording.
"It was a very enjoyable atmosphere. Maybe from the influence of my character, I was always observing everyone (laughs). That was a lot of fun."

If you became the Demon King (Maou), what would you do, and why?
"I'd give that power to somebody I could trust. Because really, other people could do more wonderful things with it than I could."

Finally, could you please convey a message to everyone.
"I did my best to play an android with sex appeal who was very like a human being. I really think Korone gives off a feeling of sexiness."

I think this role will much expand the range of characters that Yuuki can be cast for, opening up the full range of harem and ecchi characters that she had never played before. She had been the cute little girl, and a pure moe character, and then the serious queen in the form of a young girl, but she had never played an ecchi or sexy character -- until now.

It appears that Yuuki's mother may not be not averse to this new Yuuki. Her mother is quoted on 2channel as having commented, in the booklet that comes with Dance in the Vampire Bund DVD #2, that if there were a Vampire Bund live event, Yuuki should probably do the dance from the OP, wearing the same diaphanous-to-nonexistent outfit Mina does there. She was joking, but nevertheless did say it.

Another poster said that if she did that, he would worship her as a true queen: "The Eyebrow Bund would be established." Yuuki's prominent eyebrows are a topic of conversation on 2channel. Back in the days of Kurenai, Shiraishi Ryouko apparently said her eyebrows were like caterpillars, and that Yuuki herself was like a caterpillar, eating up other seiyuus' roles. Her self-effacing implacability can actually be a bit scary.

I was amused by yet another post on 2channel, about the photos on this page: is there a hint of Fukuyama Jun in the way Yuuki looks here?


Kanon said...

Thanks for the interview.

This role is definitely going to open some new doors for her, and I'm glad she seems to be having fun voicing Korone. Her favourite character besides Korone is Lily, huh... that's exactly the same for me.

Her mother's comment about Vampire Bund was pretty fun... even if it's a joke, it's hard to believe a mother would say that haha. I'd be curious to know what her dad thinks though :p

About the ressemblance with Fukuyama Jun... I don't see it. Or rather, I don't want to see it. I think Aoi looks incredibly cute in that second pic (with the "Yin smile"), it would make a mighty fine avatar for you...;)

Anonymous said... you've got me curious. Any pics of her eyebrows without the fringe covering them up?

hashi said...

@Kanon -- I actually do see the slight resemblance with Fukuyama Jun. Maybe around the eyes, but largely just something vaguely similar.

@Anonymous -- You can see her eyebrows a bit in some of the pics and videos in my big biographical post about her. But I think Shiraishi's comment may have traumatised her, lol, so she now almost always has her bangs covering them.

skchai said...

Off topic, but I'm surprised you haven't blogged on Purafini, Koshimizu Ami and Sanpei Yuuko's new musical project out of Pony Canyon. Lots of classic Amisuke-Pe stuff on their youtube channel. 1st mini album and DVD out 6/16.

hashi said...

@skchai -- Sounds good. Must do.

skchai said...

Looking forward to reading what you have to say about it!