Saturday, May 08, 2010

Yuuki Aoi -- Vampire Bund Radio, Korone, Blog Photos

I think Yuuki Aoi may have liked Dance in the Vampire Bund as much as I did. We already know she thought Mina was her best role. Now, at the open recording of the sixteenth and final episode of Radio in the Vampire Bund, she wept again that her work with Saitou Chiwa and the others on the radio show was over.

The show was recorded a week ago and hit the Net on Friday. You can hear it here.

Below, left to right: ED singer hibiku, Ao-chan, Saitou Chiwa, OP singer Nakano Aiko:

Ao-chan wore the crown as queen of the vampires:

Ao-chan's new role as the mischievous android Korone in Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou may be her breakthrough role, as far as otaku popularity is concerned. She is getting a chance to show her virtuosity, switching through many comic personas, especially in episode 6. And she has been given numerous really raunchy lines to say ("Please show me your penis." "I want to know what you like I can service you." "I'm fine with just a physical relationship.")

These amazing direct lines have gotten fans pretty excited, inspiring lots of raunchy posts in her threads on 2channel, and have helped make Korone a favorite in the 2channel threads for the show itself. More importantly, fans are totally bowled over by the versatility and effectiveness of her voice, as Korone tries out various approaches to seducing the hero -- little sister waking up her brother, naked apron, "classmate who's not your girl friend but gets jealous all the time," on the beach letting down her swimsuit top so he can put sunscreen on her, etc.

Blog Photos
The raunchy lines make such a contrast with what the 18-year-old Ao-chan shows of her own life in her blog. She dresses well-covered up, lives at home, and is close to her family and friends. Despite her years in show business, she gives the image of a young and innocent version of 18.

Her family visited a zoo during Golden Week (a holiday week in Japan at the end of April), where she loved feeding Maara-tan:

She came home with a huge stuffed white tiger she calls Layzner. "It's bigger than I am!" she marvels:

Ao-chan seems close to her mother and father. Her father is apparently a manager of some kind.

She is clearly a daddy's girl. She has published photos of her father with her pet squirrel, and of her father's tricks with his feet:

The squirrel is called Popuri, and he (she?) likes Pocky:

You can get an idea of what Ao-chan wears from the bits and pieces of herself she shows in photos posted on her blog over the past year:

She likes to publish odd pics of parts of herself and her friends. Going to Disneyland:

At her graduation ceremony:

Buying running shoes:

A friend's soft cheek:

Her friends' tongues:

Recently at McDonald's, she was surprised and pleased to find gifts advertising Yumeiro Patissiere, featuring her character Ichigo:


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing these kinds of posts. Although I can read a bit japanese, it's still too bothersome to go through seiyuus blogs just for these kinds of stories.

And you seem to like the exact same seiyuus as I do.

Andrew said...

She seems to have some interest in rodents, as do I (which increases my appreciation).

Interesting that they let people keep squirrels as pets in Japan (Popuri is actually a chipmunk, though they're in the squirrel family). I don't know if that's legal in the US (I think in some states the prairie dog is actually considered vermin.)

hashi said...

@Andrew -- I think that with her small stature and slightly prominent front teeth, she takes the rodent as her alter ego.

Popuri looked like a North American chipmunk to me, too, but I couldn't find any statement in her blog of what species it actually was. Now I've gone back to her previous blog, Aoi Logic, and find that it is indeed a "Siberian Chipmunk" (Tamias sibericus).

And it seems to be male, since she at one point calls it "Popuri-kun."

Kanon said...

I echo 2channel's feelings about her role as Korone. I've liked her since Kurenai, but I never realized she had that much versatility until now. I already started noticing it in the radio show for Ichiban, but episode 6 sealed the deal, her tsundere little sister impression was just amazing (loved the Doraemon in the previous episode too). I can understand why they find her raunchy lines exciting, it's not often you get to hear such words in a regular anime, and the fact she's such a cute and innocent looking girl helps.

Anonymous said...

I consider her the new Miyuki Sawashiro, who lately hasn't gotten that many prominent roles.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- And of course, Miyukicchi is the seiyuu she most want to emulate. I have to say she's not there yet, but her presence and ability are growing so fast. In the Ichiban Ushiro radio show, Toyosaki Aki and Hikasa Youko have taken to addressing her has "Ao-sama," instead of "Ao-chan." I think that gives a hint of the respect other seiyuu can't help but feel for her ability. I felt as if they started ep1 of the radio show thinking they were the superior adults and she the incapable child, but it turned to "Ao-sama" in no time.

Anonymous said...

she's very good. am pleasantly surprised she would actually post images of her schoolwork (it was english subject i think) on her blog too, very nice bit of innocent touch there.