Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hirano Aya Twitters a Crowd, Has Chart Success

Hirano Aya's brief mention in her blog last week that "something might happen" in Akihabara the next day drew a flash crowd of around a thousand fans to her tour of the big stores on the day her tenth single, Hysteric Barbie, was released.

She reports with delight today that the single was #9 on the charts for the past week, and that the DVD of her Speed Star tour was #3 for the week among music DVDs (#19 among all DVDs).

This after she was unable, because of her physical and mental condition, to conduct the same intensive media campaign for the single that she normally does.

The Twitter campaign and blog hint were just attempts to salvage something of a campaign -- and they appear to have worked.

Aya's highest weekly ranking was for her ninth single, Super Driver, which came in at #3.

The photo was taken in the lobby of the Fuji TV building, with their mascot Rafu-kun.

She wrote in her blog Monday night that she couldn't sleep, worrying about where the single would come in the weekly rankings."To tell the truth, it was the same last night," she added. She was eager to see how the new promotion methods worked out, but also scared.

She is delighted with the results, and says that the one-day twitter campaign and the "festival" in Akihabara made her feel closer to her fans on this than ever, and she thanked everyone a lot. Yahoo reports that her one-day Twitter account had 25,000 followers.

Here's a news report of the flash crowd and twitter campaign:

She also blogged that on one day last week, the tour DVD came #1 in the music DVD charts, and said it was the first time anything of her own had come #1, for a week or for a day.

Fragile, striving, worried, delighted, happy with #9. I think Aya knows she is not competing with Mizuki Nana for top spot among seiyuu singers, but just carving out her own niche in the world. I hope so, anyway: that will be a lot better for her mental health. Tamura Yukari's Love Live DVD ranked #5 the week before.

Finally, here are a couple of pics (possibly the front and back covers) from Aya's latest "photo essay," '08-'10 Aya, which will come out 17 July:


Kari Manninen said...

I am very happy for her success! Seems she has finally comprehended how tight work schedule she can manage, instead that overly hectic one before. She do really like to do many things, but there`s a limit how much at same time.
Seiyuu work first, then music, and if there is really time, maybe some tv shows & other.