Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hirano Aya's "Hysteric Barbie" Hits Charts at #7

Another solid ranking for the new Hirano Aya single, "Hysteric Barbie," which hits the charts today at #7.

Fairly daring title, considering that it plays into the stereotypes of her haters. But she has always had a bit of ironic distance on her image, or at least she tries to have.

The song is not my favorite type of music, but she does it well. I like hearing the sinewy edge her voice can achieve.

I like this PV a bit better than some of her recent ones, too. They are all similar in design, but she's not over-overacting here, so the ironic effect is better made. And I like the bright lighting: some shots go right down her throat, lol.

I also note that her hair is sometimes up off her high forehead. The haters call her "forehead b**ch," and she herself tends to use hairstyles that cover the forehead. But perhaps this is another bit of defiance against the antis.

Her blog shows her yesterday on her usual publicity tour of Akihabara shops the day the displays of the new single go up. She visited Animate, Toranoana, and Gamers, all dolled up in the style of the PV. She also did a one-day Twitter-thon, as bmk points out in a comment.

Here is the PV, followed by more photos of the publicity blitz:

Lantis certainly puts plenty into publicizing her releases, but it appears that her ability and popularity continue to make the effort worth it.

Here are a couple more photos, showing her in more normal clothes: Saturday (left) at a wrap-up party after recording an episode of Fairy Tale, and Sunday (right) in Roppongi Hills for a Nurarihyon no Mago event:


bmk said...

I like the song and PV and as I always say, I'm glad to see her doing well. From my point of view, the smiles in those pics are the most natural I've seen from her in awhile.
Also, been following her one day twitter-thon at . Really wish she could have a permanent twitter account, but it was a joy to follow her yesterday.

Rei said...

Not as bad as I orginally thought it would be when I first heard the single title. I much prefer the following two tracks - I really like them actually. Especially track 2.
The PV though... just when I thought she could make a come back with Speed Star T_T;;; she's gone back to Super Driver and Sing a Song! kinda PVs where they kinda made me cringe. But it's not to that extent thankfully.
And I guess she's not holding up that promise to grow hair long and black? XD

hashi said...

@Rei -- Fortunately, the copper blonde must be a wig. Not sure about long, but recently he hair has been black - or at least close to black.

Rei said...

Lol i know it's a wig T_T sorry I was pretty vague, I heard that she redyed it brown ?

hashi said...

@Rei -- Sorry. It was kind of stupid of me to even half-think you didn't know. Anyway, I looked at recent photos in her blog, and I think you're right that her hair is a bit browner than when she dyed it (almost) black a few weeks ago. I've added those two photos to this post.

Droote said...

The PV doesn't work anymore because of copyright issues. Is there somewhere else I can watch the video. I can't find it on neither Youtube nor Nico Nico.

hashi said...

@Droote -- Try the France-based Daily Motion. If that ever fails, the Chinese and are good bets. You can find all these versions from a Google Video search.

Droote said...

Yeah, I found it on DailyMotion: