Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi Playing Smash Bros.

Today's blog post by Yuuki Aoi says she stayed at Nagano with some old friends, and before they settled down for the night, they played "SumaBura" -- i.e., Smash Bros.

She writes that she plays Link on the GameCube, but Marth on the Wii. She says Marth is good at fighting in mid-air, but she herself isn't, so she didn't do too well. "Must practice," she lamented.

Here is the Wii version's home page. Here is the Gamespot page for the GameCube version.

Here are pics of the two characters Yuuki plays as, Link left and Marth right:

Since there are many different choices, from Mario to Zelda to Pikachu, we can see that she prefers a certain type.

Ao-chan has recently done a live episode of the Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou radio show, and the final epsiode of the Yutori-chan radio show. Great entertainment, both. Her verbal fantasies on Yutori Channel left Hanazawa Kana sputtering with laughter, and her work on the Dai Maou show brought cries of "Ao-sama" from Toyosaki Aki and Hikasa Youko.

On 2channel, a poster says that her crying on the most recent episode of Kiruminzu was a "level up" from before. Others think she is getting better overall as she gets more work.

A poster mentioned that her friends like yaoi, and maybe she does, too. One says, "She's a weird one." "Better than being normal," says another.

Her blog posts are fewer these days, perhaps because she is usually busy with college. The last post showed a new oil-cloth school bag she had bought, from Cath Kidston.

The post before that told how much she had enjoyed the live recording of the Dai Maou radio show. First, the competition to play a yandere character (which she appeared to win). Second, the Korone jokes segment.

The one before that showed pictures she claimed to have drawn on the sole of her father's foot while he was asleep:


bmk said...

Ao-chan was already cool in my book, and the fact that she plays Smash Bros. makes her even cooler to me. Just awesome.