Friday, July 02, 2010

Amagami SS Character/Seiyuu Pics and Info

Not that Amagami SS looks like a classic, but the cast is good (Maeno Tomoaki, Nazuka Kaori, Yukana, Itou Shizuka, Asumi Kana, Satou Rina, etc.) and the mood and characters show promise.

And the writer/director, Hiraike Yoshimasa, wrote and directed last season's surprise hit comedy Working!!

The show is adapted from a dating game with romantic routes for several girls. It is compared to KimiKiss, which is by the same game company, Enterbrain. It feels to me as if it may do an interesting job of giving us the girls' stories. It appears that each of six heroines will have her relationship with the hero told in four episodes.

Click here or on the photo to go to a page with pics of each character and their seiyuu, and info about the seiyuu:

As an added bonus -- especially for me -- Hayami Saori has a role in episode one. What a beautiful voice, singing or speaking.


Dakuro said...

The anime was a failure, they miss the incest part hahaha xD