Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hirano Aya -- Yes, She Really Does have a Big Forehead

One of the things her detractors hold against Aya is that she has a high forehead. It's supposed to be ugly. They call her "forehead b**ch."

But as usual, Aya is perfectly willing to make a bit of fun of her own image. She tied her hair up in a topknot in order to remove her makeup and found that her forehead is "five fingers high."

Personally, I always think high forehead = big brain.

The pic is from a quick one-day trip to Okinawa for a photo shoot on Saturday. She left Tokyo Friday night, after some TV work.

On the TV side, she has a new gig as the Web page "navigator" for the business side of the Fuji TV network. Check out the Fuji TV Business home page. She works for the operation's editorial department.

Here are a couple of photos. First is a pic from the first photo session for the new job at Fuji. You'll see the same outfit on the Fuji Business home page.


Jura said...

Or she's balding!

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone has a big forehead when they pull their hair back. She doesn't look like she has a giant forehead in the last pics you posted.

Anonymous said...

I used to be an Aya hater.
Then I saw her reality show (Hirano Aya Dake) and realized she would be a pretty cool person to hang out with.
At least she has a sense of humor about her image.

abandonedfactory said...

LOL! What a hilarious photo! Of course the forehead looks bigger when you lean into the camera like that, look at the distortion on the chin; it's called foreshortening.

Anyways wasn't high foreheads an idealized form of beauty in the Heian period? Maybe she should do some period dramas. :D

Andrew said...

I think that first picture is the prettiest one I've seen of her.

Again, everyone has a big forehead if they pull their hair back. But you said that before her medical problems earlier this year that she was losing hair, right? Maybe she's always had thin hair.

Minori Chihara was also in Okinawa recently for a photo shoot. Was Aya there at the same time, or was it perhaps a Haruhi event? I don't think Minorin mentioned bumping into Aya down there.

Hikoboshi-kun said...

Big forehead or not I still love her as a fan.

She's talented.

anmeiai said...

her foreead looks normal to me

shes gorgeous anyway

Anonymous said...

She just had a date with Tomacchan.

Chee Ming said...

Actually, having a big forehead is NOT really great.

Having big forehead means, you must always have hair fringes. Otherwise, it will make your forehead bigger. It restricts the hairstyle a person can have. Hirano Aya can never have a ponytail image, because her forehead is too big.

I feel for her.

Anonymous said...

I never get the haters. She's not doing bad as a voice actress, she's very good in fact, easily beating, say toyosaki san? (I never get the craze bout toyosaki san either). I not saying (toyosaki san) is bad, but Hirano surely deserve better credits in her efforts?