Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Idol Seiyuu Rundown -- 2channel post

Interesting post on 2channel running down a list of currently popular idol seiyuus:

2010 popular idol seiyuus
If you know more than eight, you've got it bad. (I know them all....)

Hirano Aya
-- model idol-seiyuu activities. many antis.

Mizuki Nana -- always in the music charts. also quite active as a seiyuu.
Kugimiya Rie -- from shotas to tsunderes. her addicts are many.
Inoue Marina -- no model's face, but wide-ranging talents.
Chihara Minori -- became famous as Nagato Yuki. most active as a singer.
Koshimizu Ami -- became known by her strong performances.
Horie Yui -- past her peak, but with undimmed popularity.
Hikasa Youko -- got her break with K-On. aggressive performer and voice.
Hanazawa Kana -- despite some dead-voiced performances and a (blabbermouth) boyfriend, her real ability is helping her grow into Osawa Office's next ace.
Tomatsu Haruka -- she has real ability, but her agency over-promotes her, and she has many antis.
Yuuki Aoi -- began as a child actress. increased visibility since 2009 has her popularity shooting upward.
Itou Kanae -- Amu-chan (in Shugo Chara). won a new seiyuu award and is riding the wave.
Kitamura Eri -- many talents, wide acting range, and real ability. but her image is still weak.
Toyosaki Aki -- began to stand out in 2008. now one of the young seiyuus riding the wave.
Taketatsu Ayana -- got her break with K-On. I"m Enterprise's new weapon.
Iguchi Yuka -- got her break as Index. Osawa Office's new weapon, but not blessed with roles.
Kanemoto Hisako -- stood out in Sora no Woto. chosen to play Squid Girl this fall (a role Iguchi Yuka was expected to get). a new seiyuu riding the wave.
Gotou Saori -- still invisible.

Here are their photos, in the order listed (l-r):

I think the poster gets it spot on, from a fairly objective point of view. I have some personal likes and dislikes, however. I think Inoue Marina is pretty, despite her big ears and thin face. But I am not captivated by her performances, which, like Kitamura Eri's, have too little flavor for me, despite their skill. Maybe it's because my Japanese isn't fluent enough to get it. And I have never been able to understand why Gotou Saori is making so little headway, since I like her moe work and think she is beautiful.


Kanon said...

I know them all, except for the last two. However, while I had never heard of Kanemoto Hisako simply because I never watched any of the anime she played in, it looks like I've heard Gotou Saori in quite a few shows, yet I still had no idea who she was... "sill invisible" is spot on, lol.

Most of the descriptions are fairly accurate, I guess. I had no idea Tomatsu Haruka had so many antis though. Hocchan past her peak? Sadly, it looks like that may be the case. She's still one of my all time favorite (noticed her in School Rumble).

My favorite of the list right now is Hanazawa Kana, without a doubt. And I think it'll stay that way for a long time. I just wish they'd cast her in more varied roles... I think she has the talent to pull it off, she just needs an opportunity to showcase it.

Panther said...

Know them all except for 2nd last one, damn.

I think Inoue Marina is cute too and I like some of her performances, not all though. As for over-promoted, I should think Hirano Aya is the one. Do like Koshimizu Ami, and yes, WTF is Gotou still unknown?

Hocchan FTW.

Mockman said...

Interesting how many of them have roles in a handful of shows (e.g. Rosario+Vampire, Saki, Mayoi Neko Overrun, Ichiban Ushiro, Sora no Woto).

I'm surprised that Yui Horie would be deemed past her peak after her recent turns in Saki, Mayoi Neko Overrun and most especially Bakemonogatari.

After her work in Mayoi and Railgun, I'm looking forward to watching (well hearing) Itou Kanae in Ookami-san.

Anonymous said...

Saorin's manager really needs a wake-up call; you know you've got a problem on your hands when you have a parrot (Inko-chan in Toradora!) and a background-background character (Ai in Zetsubou-sensei) amongst your most popular roles.

And then you have an even greater problem on your hands when people call themselves your fans and then go on to mistake you for Goto Yuuko or Hayami Saori, like I do. *shrug*

As for Horie - well, she still gets major roles because she's a solid voice actor who gets her job done well, but her star is slightly dimming - just not the good old School Rumble days anymore.

Anonymous said...

You have post about Hirano's antis before. What about Tomatsu's antis? What are some common grounds that they use to attack her? D:

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I wasn't previously aware of Tomatsu's antis, so I read the anti- thread in 2channel, etc. She doesn't have as many antis as Hirano, but they seem to concentrate on her being pushed harder than she deserves by her agency and Sony. They say she isn't as pretty as people think, she just has good legs.

And interestingly, they call her an "anime killer." There's a long list of studios that folded (Kemeko Deluxe), or where the director left (Basquash), or where the anime had bad ratings (Cross Game), or where the author's wife left him (ToLove-ru), or where a manga ceased publication (Kannagi), etc., after she had been involved in an anime.

There was also some long and convoluted explanation of why she was Korean, or associated with Korea, despite having been born in Nagoya.

@another anonymous -- I first heard Gotou Saori in Rakugo Tennyou Oyui, and I thought she was the best thing in that show, rally excellent in all ways. Since then, she hasn't had great roles.

She and Katou Emiri did a series of nice videos for their agency, 81 Produce, called Natural Voice - 81 Room. In those, she is just devastatingly cute and a bit boke. She apparently has the reputation of squeezing cute girls' flesh when she can, and is included in collections of supposed yuri seiyuus.

Shana-nee said...

I am sort of wondering... why Yukarin isn't there, despite B Gata H Kei garnering a lot of attention (even mine...)

and don't worry hashi... I know all of them too.. xD!

@Mizuki Nana - She actually don't have a lot of roles recently, except for her ongoing HeartCatch Precure! and then her new Kuroshitsuji II (And then Hirano Aya's there too... this anime is giving me reasons to watch it.)

In my opinion the seiyuu this season with the most roles is Shizuka Itou. xD!

about Aya Hirano, hmm basically that's rate, I heard her fan threads tie up with her anti threads.

And I didn't know Haruka has a lot of antis now, that's new to me.

Well if Hocchan has a lot of antis... I won't wonder too. xD

Anonymous said...

Hashi, if you are not too busy, can you please elaborate a few sentences more on Tomacchan's Korean ancestry? Thanks!

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- To be honest, I couldn't really make head or tail of it. They seemed to be saying that she was from Nagoya and a lot of people of Korean ancestry lived there, so maybe she was Korean. And then someone called her fans Korean spies. Just seemed fairly silly to me, but perhaps there was something earlier that would have explained it, but which I didn't see.

Ray said...

Man, you're a bigger seiyuu fan than I will ever be. I'm just too impressed for words.

I have not a clue whom the last two are. :P I don't think I care about either of them in any case. ^^;;