Friday, July 16, 2010

Sanpei Yuuko -- Seikon no Qwaser Wrap-Up Party

Sanpei Yuuko starred as the Russian boy Sasha in Seikon no Qwaser. The show had its wrap-up party Tuesday night, and YuuYuu published a picture from it in her blog today. In the picture, left to right, are Fujimura Ayumi (Mafuyu), Russian coach Jenya, Sanpei Yuuko, and Hikasa Youko (Hana):

Lots of girls
A scene full of screams and giggles(^^*)
Few males

No refuge for their eyes, I guess ☆
A belly full of nonsense and laughter! Really!
Isn't the picture Sasha-like?

"My arms are overflowing with blooming flowers."
"Horosho!!!" (I wanted to say that.)

"Horosho" means "good" in Russian. The show was fairly controversial, with its centerpiece of a class of adepts like Sasha who sucked energy from women's breasts so they could fight. There were heavily (and clumsily) censored versions of each episode for normal TV, and fully graphic (director's cut) versions for satellite TV.

The controversy doesn't seem to have fazed YuuYuu.


omo said...

Jenya, lol. I was wondering if she was involved in Qwaser somehow.

Ray said...

the one thing that I wanted to say about that show is