Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sasaki Nozomi -- Tokyo Sunrise

Sasaki Nozomi (Nanami in Bokura ga Ita, Patty Martin in Lucky Star, Sapphi in Jewelpet) has a very active blog, posting about moments in her life, walks in the countryside, meetings with friends, nice meals, etc.

But she also can use words and pictures in a poetic way -- as befits a university graduate and former Shinto sacred dancer, who has written an episode of Ojarumaru, and wrote the words for the OP to Kanamemo. This was her post this morning:

Red Dawn

The sunrise colors this morning

Brilliant colors,
Like a painting

Amazed me.

I opened my eyes
To a dazzling red sky.

In the TV anime Shiki,
broadcast in the noitaminA series
this summer

starting from episode two,
which is on in Edo tonight (late-night on the 16th)

I appear as Ritsuko


Like a cool breeze on a warm evening,
with beautiful images,
comical from time to time --
a world all its own.

Please enjoy it!

Here are some recent pictures of Nozomi, from her blog. Most are from a road show in support of the arcade-based card game Lord of Vermilion. Nozomi plays four roles in Lord of Vermilion 2: Thunder God, Nine-Tailed Fox, a fairy, and Shiva.

The last pic is from a day she spent being photographed and interviewed, sandwiched in between sessions of narration for a show. At one point she realized she had spent ten hours quietly in the same studio, not running around at all. "Surprised?" she asked her readers.

EDIT: I've just heard her in ep2 of Shiki and I was impressed. She has come a long way. I wouldn't have recognized her voice, if I hadn't known it was her. But she has not lost that something special -- a certain gentleness and sincerity, perhaps -- that made me love her voice in the first place.


Dakuro said...

Well she's very cute, she's not hot because she's to flat at least to me, but she's cute, she have a cute face.

Nozomi said...

Gadis jepang memang cantik-cantik ya hehe :D kayak artis satu ini, seksi pula.
Wah kalau nozomi sasaki juga termasuk artis jepang yang cantik dan seski sih :)