Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seiyuu and College Student Yuuki Aoi Buys the Game Fire Emblem -- During Exam Week

I wrote last month about Yuuki Aoi playing Smash Bros. Today she posts that she has bought Fire Emblem -- right when she should be studying for tests and handing in reports. The 19-year-old started university in April.

Aaaaa!  Reports!

It's report and test time...

I bought it... I bought it!
Fire Emblem!
What an idiot!!! Why couldn't I restrain myself until tests are over?
It was my love for Smash Bros. that made me buy it, for Prince Marth,
But it has lots more cool characters that I have gotten into!
I'm practicing tactics every day on the train...But I'm so stupid that I keep losing (T^T)
I guess everyone is looking askance at Yuuki now ////
B..but they're cool!
You'd know if you played it (*^^*)
Everyone... I think it's great to master a new game during test time (*^皿^*)
※ Yuuki has no connection with Fire Emblem, she's just excited about it m(__)m

Yuuki didn't say which version she bought, but since she's playing it on the train, I think it must be DS rather than Game Cube, so that's where the picture comes from. Prince Marth is a Fire Emblem character who appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

I realize this post may sound critical. Not at all. I lost a whole week of my first term at university to something similar. Ditched classes in favor of fun. At least she's going to class -- as far as we know.

Yuuki fans should be alert for this Thursday's episode of Shiki, in which she will make her first appearance in the show, as Sunako. How will she play the character? Like Mina Tepes? Like a serious version of Korone? In some other way altogether? I have no idea.


Cosign said...

Was surprised this morning to see that the new Fire Emblem game was selling so well (Andriasang article). It's topping the charts. They must have marketed the crap out of that game. I've always thought Fire Emblem was one of the more niche franchises owned by Nintendo. Yuuki Aoi makes me want to import a copy.