Friday, July 30, 2010

Successful Week for Anime Music

A number of songs with anime connections made the Oricon top 20 for the past week.

"Shiver," the GazettE's OP for Kuroshitsuji II, claimed #2.

"Shuuketsu no Unmei," by long-time seiyuu/singer Hayashibara Megumi, was #6.

Seiyuu/singer Chihara Minori came in at #9 with her new single, "Freedom Dreamer," the ending theme for anime TV show Anison Plus.

The OP to Sekirei: Pure Engagement was #13, sung by seiyuus Hayami Saori, Inoue Marina, Hanazawa Kana, and Endou Aya.

The song I liked best this week, Takagaki Ayahi's "Kimi ga Iru Bashou," was #13.

Of course, leading the pack were Akihabara favorites AKB48, whose seven-member sub-unit "Team Dragon" took #1 with the forgettable "Kokoro no Hane." There's no accounting for taste. Or maybe there is.


Anonymous said...

AKB48 je vous soutenir ne vous
en fait pas ca me prendra un peut
a manquer le conrta je suis sur que ca machera dans vo métier
vous avé un important talent je vous fait confiance. contacter
seiyuu kaori nazuka. je la contacterai moi mai quand je le
pourrait je suis sur que on pourrait se soutenir vos costume
son splendide votre musique son
toujours bien réalisé. tsukasa.