Friday, August 27, 2010

Hirano Aya Speaking A Bit Of English

Hirano Aya is working for Fuji TV's editorial department as the "navigator" on its "Fuji Business" web site.

This week, there is a new video there of her introducing a piece on an English-language education program for young children. She speaks a few words of English for your delectation. The video is the large one about halfway down the page.

Below that is another video in which she helps introduce a Gundam command pod arcade installation that is travelling Japan this summer for free, before going on line -- networked across the country -- in arcades this fall. Interesting to see the views inside the pod.

It appears to me that Aya is at least involved in writing the material she narrates. It's interesting to see her there at a desk in a typical Japanese office at Fuji TV. Clearly not her normal environment, but anyway.

Fuji broadcast Aya's "Hirano Aya-only TV" show over the past year. It is the network whose amazing-looking building was featured in the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.


Anonymous said...

The next time I visit America I will definitely inform hotel management of the lack of hot water... 何と無礼な・・・

dingmajiao said...

The Fuji Biji have been kind of refreshing in terms of providing information and news, which is what the site is about..

I really like that Gundam pod.. LOL..
There was the mezameshi live roundup too.. Pretty interesting site for news and sometime some Aya surprises.. =D

Droote said...

I don't think the video is up anymore, I could only find a video about a Mitsubishi car.