Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Official: Yuuki Aoi and Miyano Mamoru to Star in New Pokemon Series

If anime seiyuu work has a Promised Land, it's long-running daytime and early-evening shows for kids, such as Naruto, Detective Conan, Dragonball, Pokemon, and One Piece.

These shows go for years, not for 13-week seasons, and consistently rank in the top ten anime TV ratings, territory that late-night anime almost never sees.

And now that's Yuuki Aoi territory. We've known for a while, having heard her and Miyano Mamoru's voices in the preview, but today the show's website makes it official: in the new series Pokemon - Best Wishes, Yuuki-san will be Iris and Miyano-san will play her partner Denton.

The new series starts Thursday, 23 September, at 6:59 pm, in the prime early-evening timeslot. The last Pokemon series, Pokemon - Diamond and Pearl, lasted four years and spawned four movies. This one? Who knows. As a post on 2channel says today, her agency will be tossing her in the air in celebration.

Yuuki's voice is perfect for this kind of show, with its childishness, inventiveness, and force. This is far from being a show that interests me personally, but I will certainly watch episodes from time to time to see what Yuuki is doing with the role.

Surprisingly, this is also Mamo-chan's first foray into such exalted territory. He has done so many heroic roles, including Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam00, Light in Death Note, Zero in Vampire Knight, and Sou Sou in Souten Kouro; and weaker-sounding roles like Aoba in Tokimeki Memorial, and Masaomi in Durarara.

He has one of the loveliest and most identifiable male voices in anime, and his talent and plain niceness appear to have helped him ride out the disappointment of some fans over his announcement that his girl friend was pregnant and they were getting married.

Yuuki has previously starred in year-long daytime kids shows Animal Tantei Kiruminzuu and Yumeiro Patissiere -- and YumePati, at least, looks as if it could get into a second year -- but Best Wishes will be her first top-ten show.

This fall, Yuuki is slated to star in Hyakka Ryouran - Samurai Girls, co-star in Sore demo Machi ga Mawatteiru, and be an important secondary character in Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai. Her important role in Shiki will continue, and it appears that her role in Jewelpet may continue, too. And her starring role in Yumeiro Patissiere will also continue for a second year.

So she will be one one boob-fest fighting anime, one seinen comedy, one harem comedy, one horror drama, two shoujo kids' shows, and one shounen kids' show. Not bad for someone who is also going to college. Ganbare, Yuuki!

The picture above is from the SoreMachi event at the TBS Anime Festa a few weeks ago. Yuuki is in glasses. The show's star, Omigawa Chiaki, is the tall girl to her left. To the right are Yazawa Rieka and Shiraishi Ryouko.

One final note: Yuuki is brilliant in the opening scene of today's episode 8 of Shiki. Subtle, intense. It feels as if she was thinking of this scene when she decided how to play the scenes that have come before. "Sou ka mo shirenai."


RFayt said...

Hmm, Best Wishes..? Guess they cant call it Pokemon - Black and White !

And awesome~ So its really Miyano Mamoru in it, i still wont watch it though ^_^