Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yuuki Aoi To Star In New Pokemon Series?

Sharp-eared Yuuki Aoi fans on 2channel are already congratulating her for nabbing a not-yet-announced major role in the new Pokemon series -- Pokemon Best Wishes -- starting this fall.

In a brief preview seen on Japanese TV, we hear Ao-chan's vocal bounce and cadence -- or a good imitation of it -- in the voice of Iris, Ash's new companion.

Getting a major role in a long-running perennial top-ten anime would definitely be another step into the big time for Ao-chan. The current Pokemon series, Diamond and Pearl, has been running on TV for four years, and has produced four films, as well.

Ao-chan would be acting alongside a cast of veteran successful seiyuu, from whom she would learn a lot. It's where she belongs. The fullness, inventiveness, and controlled energy in her voice will impress them from the start.

I'm not counting her chickens until they're announced, however. I personally can't be 100% sure it is her in the clip. But 2channelers are already congratulating her on the role.

The image is Iris, the new character. And below is the TV clip, from YouTube:

Ao-chan is already starring in one anime this fall: Hyakka Rouran - Samurai Girls, where she plays her first beautiful big-breasted fighter, Yagyuu Juubei:
From all indications, this anime appears to be intended to share an audience with Queen's Blade. And not with Pokemon.


RFayt said...

@_@ Is that Miyano Mamoru at the end ?

hashi said...

@RFayt -- Nice catch. That's what his thread on 2channel thinks. Certainly sounds like it could be.