Monday, August 30, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Wants to Communicate

At the Chara Hobby show this past weekend, Yuuki Aoi and Kotobuki Minako represented their fall show Hyakka Ryouran - Samurai Girls in a joint live event with the new Queen's Blade series.

In the photo, she and Kotobuki-san (left) are the bookends, with Itou Kanae, Noto Mamiko, and Kawasumi Ayako of Queen's Blade in the middle. Minako and Aoi are both 18, but as a post on 2channel says, they look almost like mother and child.

In her blog today, Yuuki falls all over herself thanking fans for their support and their communications, both in person at events and in writing. "Without you all, I don't know what meaning I would have," she writes.

Just as in the previous event, for another of her new shows, Sore demo Machi ga Mawatteiru, she was amazed, flattered, and energized by the shouts of "Ao-chan" from the crowd. She has suddenly become a popular seiyuu on 2channel, getting 20 posts a day in the thread just completed, and starting the new thread (#7) at 29 posts a day.

Her popularity comes for good reason, in my opinion, since she is so extremely talented, both in her vocal strength, and in her acting. Directors evidently agree, since she has roles in five new series and an OVA this fall, as well as continuing in Shiki.

Here is a full translation of Yuuki's blog post:



Yesterday's event! Thank you so much for coming!
This time, too, you really got going with the shouts of "Ao-chan"  /////
And to everyone who for one reason or another couldn't come
I think I received your feelings of support from afar   (*・ω・*)
Hey, for a year in Kirumin, I've been studying how to act so as to communicate with and understand people, so probably that's why I could receive them!
Sometimes from what's in the letters I get
I think Yuuki-san must be amazing!
Even though sometimes when I get them, I just go limp from embarrassment,
Everyone's voices and thoughts have absolutely become my power of living.
From my point of view, it is you guys who are amazing.
I try to communicate things to everyone with my acting…  ////
You must be receiving something, or at least trying to receive something --
If you weren't, I could definitely not be as happy and blessed as I am.
Without you all, I don't what meaning I would have.
Without some people to send things to and receive things from, it would be meaningless, and even if there were people who received things, if they weren't able to talk with the person who sent them... I just really want to get things through to everyone...!
........huh? ...uh, what...?
What should I say...? writing it is so hard...
Anyway, everyone's feelings give me life.
Really, thank you so much!
For this last event of the summer, I just wanted to talk seriously a bit  ////
But I really don't know what to say at all   orz
I'll have to study harder
Everyone, just thank you so very much   m(__)m
Waa! If you watch Hyakka Ryouran it will make me so happy!
Juubei kawaii yo Juubei! (I'm not a parent, but I feel like a doting parent ♪

2010.08.30 12:01

Yuuki keeps giving hints that she really is an otaku. This is the first time I have noticed a seiyuu using the common 2channel emoticon "orz". It is a picture of someone kneeling down, with their head on the left (o), body and arms in the middle (r), and bent legs on the right (z). It represents a feeling of failure/despair, as Yuuki despairs of her ability to communicate what she feels. It can also represent admiration of someone, often with sarcastic overtones. But that's not what it means here.

That brings up the fairly scary thought that Yuuki may actually read her threads in 2channel.  Leaving aside the couple of posters who wanted to rape her, she would no doubt find the repeated theme of peropero ("lick, lick") fairly weird. Today one poster was lamenting the fact that Yumeiro Patissiere was skipping a week this week, but said he was able to last two weeks because of the view of Yuuki's armpit in a recent photograph. But there is plenty of straightforward praise and admiration to go with the grosser stuff.
In Hyakka Ryouran - Samurai Girls, Yuuki stars as Yagyuu Juubei, a red-haired buxom fighter (photo above). The show seems to mix ecchi, comic, and fighting elements from Queen's Blade, Ikkitousen, and Strike Witches. The often semi-nude and mostly big-breasted female characters are students in a samurai school in an alternative 20th century, and seem to sometimes find themselves up against WW2 bombers.

Episode 1 will have a preview broadcast this coming Friday, September 3.

Here is Kotobuki Minako's character, Senhime:

EDIT: I just noticed a little post on 2channel from someone who was at the event. He said:

Noto -- as beautiful as ever
Kanae -- has really gotten good
Yuuki -- youth is wonderful
Kotobuki -- Mugi-chan she's not
Kawasumi -- looked at Yuuki like Nakazawa looking at Tsuji (this refers to original Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuuko and fourth-generation MoMusu member Tsuji Nozomi. Apparently Tsuji used to refer to Nakazawa as "the old lady," and "the one in her thirties.")

I've always thought of Kawasumi-san as one of the very best seiyuus. Now I think of the 16-year younger Yuuki as entering the same realm.


Matteas said...

If she reads those comments on 2ch, she must be taken aback every now and then XD
I think I will watch Hyakka Ryouran, but only for the great cast.