Saturday, September 18, 2010

43 Anime Studios: Pics of Their Buildings

I have just come across pictures of the buildings where various Japanese animation studios have their offices: 60 buildings for 43 studios.

Not that you can see what goes on inside, but I find it interesting to see the offices that each studio works from -- from big new steel and glass buildings; from small buildings on back-streets; from floors of buildings, over ordinary shops.

The studio with the most buildings? Sunrise, with offices in a total of ten different buildings. KyoAni has four.

That doesn't necessarily mean either of those studios has the most floorspace: they occupy single floors of many of those buildings. Toei, Shaft, and Madhouse seem to have fairly big buildings all to themselves.

That being said, it looks from the photos as if Sunrise does have the most space of all. They have a big building, plus nine other studios.

I'm not sure how closely floor area correlates to amount of work or profits. For one thing, studios with less of their own space may do more subcontracting.

The article, if you can read Japanese, also lists the average DVD sales for each studio's major titles. Sorry I don't have time to translate them all.

This site has complete directions, with photos, to many anime studios. The company that owns the site also runs tours. The info, and perhaps the photos, are originally from them.

In any case, here are the three groups of photos, with the Japanese studio names transliterated. Click each of the three sets of pictures to see them at the largest size:


Anonymous said...

Do seiyuu have to travel to the anime studios to record their performances?

Shinmaru said...

I love how cheap Gainax's pad looks. LOL

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous There are recording studios that seiyuu go to, the anime studios are where the anime is drawn/produced.

keikakudoori said...

Awesome entry. Now I know what they all look like.

On a separate note, my guess is that Gainax's building is able to transform when necessary into a super building.

hashi said...

@anonymous 1 -- As anonymous 2 said, the recording studios are separate from the animation studios. I believe the recording studios are separate companies, too, subcontracted by the animation production companies. The seiyuus travel around from recording studio to recording studio to do their work.

Andrew said...

@Shinmaru: It would be more fitting if Gainax had a huge, fancy-looking complex...that was only half-finished.

It's amazing how almost all of them look like apartment buildings or a place where you'd expect to find a dentist's office. No big Disney-style studios there.

Anonymous said...

Sunrise sure has its operations spread out all over the place. Given the cost of space, I'd expect a handful of locations for the larger firms, but ten studios?

Looking at how these companies operate, I guess it's no exaggeration when they say that work coordination is a nightmare.

Kanon said...

Oh, that's very interesting. Thanks for posting. I'm a bit surprised at how "cheap" some of those buildings look.

chanpon said...

I find weird stuff like this fascinating too. Most look like regular office space (not surprising). One or two of the studios look like you'd have to go into someone's basement. :/

Hmmm...did Sunrise clone studios 2 & 3??

hashi said...

@Chanpon -- Lol. Looks like it. But if you click through to the full-size pic, you can see that "studio 2" is the third floor and "studio 3" is the second floor.

Anonymous said...

Most of the GAINAX building is upside down underground.