Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hayami Saori -- Listen to That Voice!

I know I keep saying that Hayami Saori is my favorite seiyuu-singer. If you still don't get my enthusiasm, give a listen to these two collections of her songs.

Collection 1.

Collection 2.

Really, her voice almost brings tears to my eyes, as a poster on 2channel wrote. She just has the most "beautiful" voice I know. So if you like sweet and skilful singing, give it a try.

The links are to pages that take the sound from Nicovideo pages and give non-subscribers a streaming player and the chance to download an mp3. The streaming player is under the main box on the page. The mp3 download is the right-hand tab under the box under that. Click the image above the player to go to the Nicovideo page. I've added an illustration at the bottom of this post, under the fold, that shows you where to click on the Japanese-language page.

Hayamin will be in five series this fall, starring in two, and with important secondary roles in two others. She also stars in one of the two OVAs she is in. She will produce songs for all or nearly all of these shows, so it should be an enjoyable fall. Her CDs are available from CD Japan.

Her thread on 2channel continues to waste its spirit talking about how "ugly" her face is, or defending her against those claims. As far as I'm concerned, she is one of those people who doesn't look so good in still photographs, but is very attractive in videos, because of the way her spirit shines through, and because of the elegance and mobility of her expression.


Nili said...

Wow, you're right.
I haven't noticed before because I'm not that long into the anime "business" and haven't heard many songs with Hayamin singing.

That's some nice voice.

lvlln said...

Maaya Sakamoto is still my favorite seiyuu-and-singer, though one may argue that she's a singer first and voice actor second.

hashi said...

@Ivlln -- Yes, Sakamoto Maaya can really sing, and act. This fall, she's doing the OP for the new show Sore demo Machi ga Mawatteiru. And she is acting in the new Arakawa Bridge, as well as in Star Driver, in which Hayamin stars.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Yea, Hashi got it right. Hayamin has a lovely voice indeed.

But I feel her voice is wasted in her role in Sora no Oto for such a monotone role.
Roles like Musubi make her shine! xD

Rei said...

@The Extroverted Otaku:
It's okay, when Otoshimono gives us the DRAMA after all that FANSERVICE, we'll hear Hayamin in her true form with EMOTION. I still remember in S1 and teared up when she did. Ahh ;A; she's got such a cute deadpan voice too lol

Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

She looks totally cute in that pic you posted.

lvlln said...

Wait, so Maaya Sakamoto is both voicing the lead of Shaft's Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge and singing the OP to its other show Yet the Town Still Keeps Going?

Looks like I've got quite a bit to look forward to this coming season.

maglor said...

Her voice is pretty and she exhibits good control during singing. Good diction and range as well. I especially like that she doesn't sound as if she is straining her throat which suggests that she may enjoy a long career as well. To be nit-picky , slightly more force and tone invoking more passion might serve her well in more darker or 'power' songs. I would also like to hear a song where she may need to go through about 3 different emotional phases as well, but I guess to expect something found in best of Classical music composition in popular music is bit unrealistic.

maglor said...

I have to amend my comment after hearing more of her songs. As far as the force and dynamic is concerned, she got what she needs. What I still haven't heard is the understanding, control, and 'musicality' that is needed to totally bring out gut-wrenching emotions on the listener. After rereading what I wrote, I realize that I am expecting Maria Callas in every singers. /facepalm/

hashi said...

@maglor -- Interesting comments, with a lot of validity. I think Hayami still lacks the kind of emotional touch that can make a song popular, and doesn't have complete control of the emotional drama in a song.

But I wouldn't want her to get operatic and overstate emotions in the way that is appropriate to real opera. I think she does imbue the song with deep emotion in a subtler, less dramatic way, at a level other than the overt meaning of the song.

Her voice is sweet, clear, controlled, and musical, but not really that forceful, either, it seems to me. For me, however, she has more musicality than any other seiyuu singer I know. Musicality in the sense that she brings out the music of the song, and gives it interest with her dynamics and phrasing.

@Rei and Extraverted Otaku -- I actually think she hasn't had a really good role yet. Her role in Eden was the closest, for me, followed by her first role. I think producers are so charmed by her pretty voice that that's all they want. But I hope she gets a chance to really act in one of her roles this fall. Maybe in Star Driver.

Andreas said...

the first song that make me think her voice wonderful is the insert song in Star Driver O_o oh wow thats the first time i replay, replay, and replay again a song and not get tired listening to it