Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hirano Aya At Phu Ket

Between Wednesday and Saturday of last week, Hirano Aya took a trip to Phu Ket, Thailand, for some photo sessions.

She is certainly spending more time on her work outside of anime, and people have noted that she is not slated to appear in any of the new fall shows. But she has leading roles in three continuing shows: Fairy Tail, Nurarihyon no Mago, and Jewelpet Tinkle. Unfortunately, those are not shows I enjoy enough to watch myself, however well she may perform.

In any case, here are some photos from Aya's blog:

She even had nail art applied to her toes, in preparation for the swimsuit photo sessions. Some anti-Aya Japanese otaku have gleefully discerned a hair or two in the photo:

Here are a couple of shots of Aya doing a kind of work she is doing a lot of these days: appearing on TV variety and talk shows. She is talking about unusual things that have happened in her career. From the on-screen titles, she seems to be talking about being shone on by photo lights brighter than the sun, and about how dark smoke started to come out of her head.


Nili said...

I saw the exerpt from the show on Youtube, but it has been removed due to copyright (Found it there:
And from what I understood, she talked about a photoshoot when it was cold outside and there were this very very bright lights which shone on her.
A staff member told her that the lights could be very hot but she shouldn't mind and continue the photoshoot.
After a while there was smoke coming from her head because of the spotlights, someone saw it and pushed her head down in the snow so that her hair couldn't catch fire.

Maybe you find the exerpt on other video services but I haven't searched for it.

hashi said...

@Nili -- Thanks. That's a good story. I couldn't find it on Nico or via Google Images, but I sure discovered how many Aya videos are being posted recently.

Khrno said...

I hate that Aya isn't interested on doing more voice acting anymore, but I still support her.

I do like her Lucy and Kana, they are great characters, same as her acting, but as much as I'd like to listen her in Twinkle Pet, that's a show I'm not going to watch.

Hope that at least she keeps taking big roles on mainstream series every now and then. It would be terrible for me as a fan to go a season without her being on any series at all.

Hector Delahoya said...

i'm from bangkok,thailand

i know about aya-tan at phuket from your blog

and i confirm from aya-tan diary...

...thailand is very hot at noon-afternoon ( about 34-40c )

...Thai internet mobile so slow...
3G (beta) can use in BKK & chiang mai only

but i very happy when she came to thailand again :)

ps. my english is suck.

hashi said...

@Hector Delahoya -- Thanks for posting. Your English is okay. I understood everything you wrote.

Yes, Thailand is hot. Aya said she got a rash from the heat. But as winter approaches in North America, the warmth of Thailand sounds very good.