Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inoue Marina -- New Photos

There is a good Japanese image board for pictures of seiyuus. In fact it even has a second section. Lots of good photos show up. The only problem is that the custom of the board is not to say who the photos are of. Like a lot of Japanese message-board discussion, it is only for the cognoscenti.

There's no problem with these recent magazine photos of Inoue Marina from the board: her name is written on the pages of the feature on Highschool of the Dead, in which she stars as Rei. These are the most provocative pics of her I've seen. Click photos to enlarge.

I've never been a huge fan of her work. But perhaps it's just that she doesn't play in animes, or play characters, that I like. However, I do find myself admiring her evident strength and ability. She went to girls' schools up until college, and is supposedly a graduate of a university attended by the upper classes.

She apparently got into seiyuu work when she started college. She realized that in a co-ed setting she could not play the male roles she always did in the drama club at school, so she became one of two thousand entrants in a Sony seiyuu competition in 2003, when she was 18...and won the Grand Prize.

As a result, she got the role of Cossette in Shinbou's Le Portrait de Petite Cossette. Other famous roles have been Mina in Getsumen to Heiki Mina, Kana in Minami-ke, Youko in Gurren-Lagann, Tsukiumi in Sekirei, and Rei in Highschool of the Dead.

I also came across this old photo of her in her pre-seiyuu cosplaying days (cosplaying a baby). It was in a 2channel anti-Marina thread, and was held up as an example of what a bad person she is, since she used to be cosplayer and work on doujins in high school, and could have been described as a fujoshi. Those all seem like good things, to me.

Most of the criticism is of her supposedly being too proud of her good looks, ability, and success, and too hard on people who don't have them. Maybe. But sometimes it's hard for very capable people to accept anything less than their own standards, and I'm sometimes willing to accept their pride for the sake of everything else they bring to the table.

There are also unsupported (in my opinion) rumors that she and Nakamura Yuuichi are living together. I wouldn't hold that against her, either.

Other people say he is going with Sugita Tomokazu, and his friendship with Marina is a smokescreen. Yadda, yadda.


The Extroverted Otaku said...

IINM, that's the baby from YuYu Hakusho.

Still, she's got a lovely voice. Their private matters should be of no concern to me ^_^

digitalboy said...

God DAYUM, she's as hot as Cosette herself~

Panther said...

Hot girl is hot. Nice find. Prefer her as Tsukiumi over all else lol.

Andrew said...

You forgot to mention her artwork. I think some of it was actually used as an eyecatch in one anime she played in. She's up there with Eri Kitamura, if not higher regarded among seiyuu fans.

At least in Minami-ke, she seems to be a master of that drawn-out Japanese "ohhhh!" used where we would say something like "oh my god" or "wow".

Kai said...

I've been a fan of hers ever since she voiced Mutuski in Manabi Straight. I've also found a few youtube vids of her

Marina goes to Gainax animation

Marina promoting stuff during christmas time

and her and Mikuni Shimokawa singing Cruel Angels Thesis

Rei said...

I've seen these photos around, goddamn she looks SO hot in them LOL. What I love about Marin Inoue is that there's something about her voice that I really, really like. Even as her role as Rei in HotD, her character pisses me off, yet I still just love the voice xD

Does she come across as a proud person? O.o I always thought she was fun (although, I had no idea about Yu Kobayshi's true nature until researching; I used to think she was a quiet, refined woman LOL, how how wrong I was :P)

But yes, her art, wow. It's definitely up there. I admire her art most out of all seiyuus I think. But probably because I haven't seen as many KitaEri ones 8|... do you have any you'dlike the suggest? :D

My fav Marina song is still S.t.a.r.S ahh. love it! She does fantastic guy voices too :D
Also, thanks Hashi for the image board links, so THAT'S where all these seiyuu images that've been constantly flying around come from XD

Kenshin Asuka said...

Nevertheless she's still an eye candy! In my opinion, Marina-san has a chance as a seiyuu! Yup, Kitamura Eri is one of her best friends I've ever known so far! ^_^

chanpon said...

I have low tolerance for female seiyuu, and ironically Marina Inoue is one of the few whom I actually recognize and like. The range in her voice surprises me -- from playing gentle teens to whacked out female psychos. I was quite surprised she was as young as she was when I found out she played Cosette, and that it was her singing the songs on its album.

hashi said...

@Rei -- I'm not sure where to find new KitaEri art, but here is a link to her old art page:

@Andrew -- Good point about her art. This wasn't a real full post about her, just mainly the photos, but it's important and I could have mentioned it.

@Kai -- Thanks so much for those video links. I got lost in YouTube there for a while. The Gainax one is great, when the guy is so surprised at how well she can do it. As for the singing, Hoseki did more for me than Cruel Angel Thesis. Highly enjoyable. Enjoyed various interview videos, too. I'm only beginning to sense who she is. In the post, I just repeated what I had read. There's lots more to find out and say.

I still don't really feel her roles, but I'll certainly keep watching all I can. Unfortunately I don't much enjoy her most famous shows (GL, Minami-ke, Zetsubou, HSotD), and Mutsuki wasn't my favorite in Manabi Straight. I feel something forced about her work that doesn't communicate to me, but that could easily be me rather than her. I've liked her in UraBoku.