Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kotobuki Minako and Yuuki Aoi -- Hyakka Ryouran Radio

Kotobuki Minako and Yuuki Aoi joked, screamed, laughed, and pattered their way through the first episode of the "Hyakka Ryouran Radio Girls" show last Friday night.

I expected them to make a good pair, and they did. As Kotobuki-chan said on her blog Tuesday:

Talking with Ao-chan, who is in the same year I am,
We shrieked and giggled and had a good time ♪

They are in the same school year, having both been born between April 1991 and April 1992, although Yuuki-san normally seems much younger than the adult-looking Kotobuki. On the show, they both sounded capable and mature.

After a few moments of formality, they relaxed into easy verbal play. Kotobuki-chan broke Ao-chan up by repeating the last syllable of every line she said in an announcement. Then Ao-chan returned the favor: when Kotobuki-chan described her character in the show as willful (wagamama), Ao-chan capped the line with "mama" (the English word). They played with various English words and agreed that English is cool.

They established at the beginning that they would be called Ao-chan and Kotobuki-chan. Kotobuki said that when she introduced herself at school, everyone immediately started calling her by her surname, Kotobuki. Kotobuki Minako is her real name, not a stage name. Ao-chan said that Sawashiro Miyuki first started calling her Ao-chan, and it had stuck.

In announcing all the stations the show will be on, Ao-chan raced through them dramatically, pretending to get out of breath. Describing her character, Yagyuu Juubei, she mostly used Juubei's deep, masculine voice, but quickly slipped in one phrase in the character's other, high "I love you, Oniichan" voice, jumping up and down about two octaves in the process.

It was like two college friends with verbal talent riffing off each other. They both gave the impression of being in command of every situation, and with a bit of ironic distance on the whole thing. Both are experienced radio performers. Both have been in show business a while: Kotobuki started in movies and commercials at 14; Yuuki was on TV at age ten.

left: Senhime (Kotobuki Minako). right: Yagyuu Juubei (Yuuki Aoi)
As it happened, the broadcast was on Kotobuki's 19th birthday. Yes, there was a cake, one of six she had pictures of in two blog posts.

You can hear the show here. I expect it will get wilder as it goes on, with Kotobuki's trademark aggressive comments out of the blue, and Yuuki's shifting rainbow of funny voices.


Nili said...

Yeah, I already listened to it and it was so much fun.

By the way, do you know if it's going to be a weekly show?
Because I couldn't find any information about that on the official site..

hashi said...

@Nili -- Every second Friday, it appears. Thanks for getting me to ferret around for it:

Matteas said...

It was great! They make an amazing combination.

Ao-chan wants to travel to a parallel universe and defeat some devil king? This made me laugh a lot. She is very funny.