Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Most Beautiful Voice in Anime: Hayami Saori's new Sekirei ED

I'm not saying Hayami Saori is the best seiyuu-singer -- although she is for my taste. I know there are a couple of good competitors, and what kind of music and singing you like is a personal preference. But Saorin's voice is definitely the most "beautiful" voice among seiyuus.

Not only is it pure and clear, it has unmatched warmth and sweetness. And she has a deep musicality -- perhaps the fruit of her ten years studying piano -- that enables her to tease the melodic beauty from the song as it is written. Her phrasing, intonation, and dynamics are so interesting and effective.

The story is that when she went into the recording booth at the age of 15 to record the ED for Touka Gettan, she gave them a track they could use in one try, and when she emerged from the booth, the staff all stood and applauded.

And here, now that she is 19, is the latest example of her art -- Oboeteiru kara ("I Remember"), a new ED for episode 10 of Sekirei Pure Engagement:

The song will be on the Sekirei Sound Complete (link to purchase) album that comes out on 29 September.


banger said...

i also love her voice. when i heard that song in the recent sekirei episode i loved it. i replayed it a couple times.

hayami saori and hikasa yoko are my 2 favorite seiyuu right now. i don't really know how to judge singing quality but i sure do love the sound of their voices.

RaNdOm_rAnTs said...

WTH? only 19 now? is she one of the youngest seiyuu?

hashi said...

@RaNdOm_rAnTs -- One of the youngest, yes. She is a few months older than Kotobuki Minako, who just turned 19 last Friday. Hayami-san turned 19 in May.

Yuuki Aoi, however, only turned 18 in March. And one of Yuuki-san's co-stars in Yumeiro Patissiere, Iino Mayu, is only eleven.