Saturday, September 04, 2010

Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi -- Dai Maou Took My "First"

"Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou was the show that took my 'first'," jokes seiyuu Yuuki Aoi. As Korone in Dai Maou, she had to make a little sound like someone having sex. It took instruction from older seiyuus before she could get it right.

Ao-chan was speaking August 20 as host of an awards ceremony for Hobby Japan light novels. Dai Maou was based on a Hobby Japan title, as is her current show, Hyakka Ryouran - Samurai Girls.

Ao-chan said that her character in Hyakka Ryouran, Yagyuu Juubei, is very cute, but her charm comes even more from what a cool person she is. "I've fallen in love with her," she laughed. "She's like a big puppy dog that everyone loves."

"At recording sessions, since I'm the youngest, everyone is always petting and comforting me. Kotobuki Minako is the same age as me, only a few months older, but she does it, too." The report on website says that with stories like these, Ao-chan created a nice atmosphere at the event.

Hyakka Ryouran will not start until October, but there was a preview broadcast of episode one Friday night. Ao-chan's character made only a brief appearance, but within a few seconds, she had given us two quite different voices, both new voices for Ao-chan.

Here is a combined clip of the two voices Ao-chan uses in this episode: first, the voice she uses when her character, Yagyuu Juubei, is in her unawakened form, falling naked from the sky; and then there is a bit of her after she has transformed into her real form of a fully-accoutered woman warrior. The warrior Juubei says: "I am Yagyuu Juubei," in a completely different, rich and resonant voice:

How well Ao-chan can make these voices work in the long run remains to be seen. But what a start.

Just to show her vocal versatility, here is the intro to the show, a half-minute promo voiced by Ao-chan in yet another new voice, a new version of the high-tension, high-register genki voice that she has used in shows like Kiruminzoo and Yumeiro Patissiere:

I've got to say: can anyone else put as much bounce into her voice as Ao-chan?

Finally, here is a shot of Ao-chan with the authors of the winning novels at the event I mentioned earlier:

Even teetering there on her high heels, Ao-chan is still as short as ever (145cm = 4'9").


Anonymous said...

Ooh. Yuuki Aoi's "I am Yagyuu Juubei" sounds really unique. I don't think we've heard a female warrior seiyuu voice like that ever before. As you said it'll be good to see if she can keep it up, that's if... you have a stomach for oppai fighting series...

Oh btw I remember you liked Hitohira; Starlight subbed the drama CD's

Andrew said...

Losing your virginity to an anime--I'll bet a lot of otakus have said something like that, if you know what I mean, but not in this particular way. I like her choice of words.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- Thanks for remembering, and thanks for the link. Scenes from that show keep coming to my mind.

@Andrew -- I was almost hesitant to use that line, because it seemed so risque, but it was too good a line to pass up. She seems amazingly relaxed about this stuff.