Saturday, September 04, 2010

Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi's Favorite Music

In her blog post on Friday, Yuuki Aoi revealed some of her own favorite music: Radwimps and SuzukiP.

She wrote that she recently spent a long time drawing on the computer with a pen tablet, something she hadn't been able to do for a while. She refused to show us any of what she had done, but said she drew so much it blunted the tip of the pen.

She said she put on her current favorite music and just started drawing. She says her favorites have changed since she started in college. "I wonder why." The two groups she named were the smart romantic pop of Radwimp and the imaginative Vocaloid music of SuzukiP.

Here is one selection of SuzukiP's music, and here is a selection of his Vocaloid work. Such as the audio behind this:

Here is a link to Radwimp's YouTube page. And here is a sample of their work:

If I were Prime Minister
I'd take one cent from each citizen
and we'd have a million-dollar wedding.

If I were Prime Minister
I'd make each day have 25 hours
and everyone would use
that last hour for love.

If I were Prime Minister
No matter how many times
they said it was wasteful, I wouldn't care

I'd make the train run to your house
and the last stop would be at mine....

I like her taste.

Lyrics translation adapted from here.


Kanon said...

I love the Radwimp song you posted. I like the name of the band as well, lol. I think I'll check out more of their work.

Ao-chan truly has great taste.