Friday, October 08, 2010

Chihara Minori Arrives in New York

From Chihara Minori's blog:

My first time in New York ♪

I've arrived safely in New York ! ! !
It was a long, long flight 飛行機飛行機飛行機
ひらめきAt the airport, it was exciting to meet the staff that helped me
three years ago at the LA Anime Expo !!
Somehow I still have the strange feeling that it isn't real.

It's nice that the climate is the same as in Japan ラッキー
It's just that morning and evening are miraculously reversed !!!
My work starts nowラブラブラブ

ひらめきOh, yes おてんき
Dinner last night was delicious Italian food ディナー
Lots of different kinds of olives with bread...
I just couldn't stop ラブラブラブラブラブラブ lol

New York ラブ

I have the feeling that a lot of fun things are in store おてんき

 posted 8 October 2010, 9:50pm Tokyo time (08:50am New York time)

current time is 11:55am in New York
photo taken just before posting

New York Anime Festival:

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Andrew said...

Thanks again! Yes Minorin, I think the climate of America's east coast is roughly equivalent to Japan's, since they're at about the same latitude. And it's a good thing she went at this time of year, since New York gets as hot and muggy as Tokyo during the summer.

In a fan video, she said New York is known for its cheese. Hmm, maybe she misheard "cheeseCAKE". And there are plenty of great Italian places, as she found out.