Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chihara Minori -- Back in Japan

From her Minorhythm blog: 

Landed in Japan!!

I'm hooome!

I'm back, with a lot of gifts!!

It was a long journey for me.
I said goodbye to New York about 14 hours ago! The take-off and landing were without incident. I'm so relieved I could almost cry.
Pilot-san, thank you for your work!

My beloved Nippon...
Somehow I feel calmer... (smile)

To avoid jet-lag, I'm going to go right to sleep today...

Good night...


Andrew said...

About what time of day do flights from North America usually arrive in Tokyo? When you go from east to west as Minorin did (and as I've done going home from Europe), you basically stay in the same time. If the flight arrived around, say, noon, Minorin might not want to go to sleep right away, or she'd be even more jet-lagged.

hashi said...

@Andrew-- I suspect the flight arrived there at 5pm. The exif info on the photo says 5:36, and there is a Delta flight that arrives at Narita today (i.e., Wednesday) at 5, so perhaps there was one on Tuesday, too. The flight takes 14h 20min. And my guess for her flight to NYC was Delta (the only afternoon arrival I could find), so it all fits.