Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chihara Minori on Her Way to New York

Chihara Minori is in the air, on her way to New York for the New York Anime Festival.

This picture was taken at Narita airport at 2:30 pm Thursday, Tokyo time. That was 1:30 am New York time. With a flight probably leaving around 3:15, and a probable flight time of just under 13 hours, she should be arriving just after 3 pm this afternoon, New York time.

From her blog:

At Narita Airport

2010.10.07 Thursday

I've set out for New York on the afternoon flight!!

ひらめきI'm looking forward to lots of things at the New York Anime Festival 赤い旗赤い旗赤い旗
It's my first time in New York -- what will it be like, I wonder?
I definitely want to see the Statue of Liberty
My heart swelling with the promise of many meetings, I'm happily off ニコニコニコニコニコニコ
It's a long flight, but I'll do my best おはな

NOTE: Literally, she says "meet the goddess of freedom," which I now realize is the Statue of Liberty. I liked the "meet" there.


beneaththetangles said...

One of my favorites! I wish I could there to see her. :)

rlime said...

FYI, 自由の女神= Statue of Liberty. Lol.

hashi said...

@rlime -- Lol. Thanks . That's why I link to the posts.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if she flew through America or through Russia & Europe? Which route is shorter?

Andrew said...

@Anonymous: According to the Great Circle Mapper site, the shortest route from Tokyo to NYC goes up over Alaska and Canada's Arctic coast, then down over the North Woods and eventually over Lake Erie.

13 hours is pretty long, but I thought it would be even longer. It's about 17 hours from LA to Australia, which I've done (fortunately it's mostly in darkness, so you can try to sleep).

Thanks for covering this, Hashi. I was thinking of asking, but I thought you weren't as big a Minorin fan as JimOne. I was actually thinking of attending this, but it's kinda expensive and I have plans for the holidays.

Andrew said...

PS: Not too long ago a jet going from Dallas to Tokyo (I think) had some smoke-related emergency and had to stop on a tiny military airstrip in the Aleutian Islands. Hope that doesn't happen... ^_^7

hashi said...

@Andrew -- You're the reason I know about this. You asked in August if I would be covering it, and I put it in my calendar. I'm not sure just how much I can do, but I'll pay attention to her blog and go from there. The only afternoon flight from Narita I could find quickly was a Delta flight that would have arrived in NYC about four hours ago now.