Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chihara Minori -- Third Day at the New York Anime Festival

From Chihara Minori's Minorhythm blog, posted Sunday at 4:30 am, New York time (5:30 pm Japan time):

New York - Day 3

It's Chihara Minori here, continuing to pass full days.

It's great that the sunny weather has continued.

This morning, the raging tide of appearances continues. Yesterday was a day of → panel discussion with American seiyuus → autograph session → live event.

In the panel discussion, I discovered many differences between American and Japanese seiyuu work. It was deeply interesting and I learned a lot.

The live performance was fun. Many people came and the place was really rocking!!

I did the Hare Hare Yukai dance with American seiyuus Christina-san and Carrie-san!

They were cute!!

I hadn't danced in a while and I was dripping with perspiration. Lol.

Of course everyone in the audience danced, too!!!
It was a totally happy scene.

The live was really tremendous.

Today is my last day at the New York Anime Festival. It has been just as much fun as I expected, thanks to the many staff people who helped.

I'm so glad I came to New York. I'm deeply grateful for the many encounters I've had.

Thank you so much, everyone.


Anonymous said...

thank you for translating all this, it was very fun to read what she had to say.

I went to the voice actors panel...yeah, she learned a lot.