Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Seiyuu Videos: Yuuki Aoi on TV Aged 9-10

Yuuki Aoi got an early start in show business. She was apparently already with the well-known child performers' agency, Central Children's Theatre, when she was four.

We know for sure that when she was nine and ten, she had a regular role on the TV show Appare Sanma Dai Sensei.

She was then called by what is probably her real name, Yabusaki Aoi. A young Hanazawa Kana had been on the show before her.

The set-up was a classroom of kids, with a "teacher" (Sanma-sensei) eliciting cute remarks from them. Ao-chan was excruciatingly cute and self-absorbed, a real little performer. And even then you could hear how precisely she spoke, and how she played with words.

There used to be one video from the show on YouTube, but it now appears to be private. A Japanese fan has just posted two more, and here they are:


Nili said...

Hanazawa Kana was on the show before? Wow, are there videos on the net of this?

Anyway, Ao-chan is ultra cute in this, but the part with her mom was cruel. xD

Kanon said...

Aoi-chan looked cute here! I feel a little guilty that what interested me the most in your post was the mention Hanazawa Kana had also been on that show lol (I love Yuuki Aoi too, but Kana-chan is still my favorite seiyuu by far)

I just had to search for a vid of Kana-chan and here it is: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3380276

She looked so cute as well <3333

hashi said...

@Kanon -- Guilty? No need, of course. On the contrary, thanks for finding this. Yuuki may be at the top of my list right now, but Kana-chan is up there, too. Her personality hasn't changed, has it? She's basically a quiet, serious girl. Cuuute.