Monday, November 08, 2010

88 Seiyuus Listed By Years of Experience, with photos

This newly completed table turned up Sunday on a Japanese blog.

It lists women seiyuus by years in the business, giving their ages as well, and with a little pic of each one. I have transliterated the Japanese names and adapted the title and notes.

The newest seiyuus are Oogame Asuka and Kanemoto Hisako, who started in 2009, making this their second year as seiyuus. The most experienced are Hayashibara Megumi (25th year) and Minaguchi Yuuko (26th year). Click here or on the image to go to the full-sized table:

Not all ages are perfectly accurate: Yuuki Aoi is said to be 19, but will not turn 19 until March 2011.


Andrew said...

This chart is a year ahead; it shows 2009 as two years ago, 2008 as three years ago, and so on, even though it shows their ages as of November 2010. I know 2010 is already almost over, but still. Also, didn't most of these seiyuus debut during the fall season?

The Extroverted Otaku said...

23 years for Sakamoto eh?

For such a record, she's still quite young. Gotta love this veteran xD

jpmeyer said...

I'm guessing that this list basically calculates everything based on when the seiyuu debuted, and then counts that through 2010, assuming consistent work. I'm pretty sure that Sakura Tange, for example took like 7 years or so off around 2001 after having a child, and then only came back a year or two ago. So she really only has about 9 years of experience, not 18.

(Unlike someone like Maaya Sakamoto that has been working continuously for 23 years.)

Basaka said...

It's Minaguchi Yuuko on her 26th year, not Minagawa Junko. :3

banger said...

wow i haven't heard some of those voices in a long time. seems like these days its always the same few young seiyuu in every anime...or maybe its just in the shows that i watch.

kuroiyuki88 said...

Eh? No Yuuka Nanri?

Oh well, she rarely works as seiyuu, after all. hahaha

hashi said...

@Andrew -- It really represents something like "year in the business" -- 2nd year, 3rd year, etc. Since Oogame Asuka had her first role in 2009, 2010 is her second year in the business. I've rejigged the text at least a bit clearer. But I clearly didn't spend enough time with this before converting and posting it, so there may well be more problems here.

@jpmeyer -- Good point. It's really referring to "year since debut year."

@Basaka -- Thanks for that. I've corrected it on the image. Reading small print too quickly. Thank goodness I kept my .psd file, with all its editable layers, lol.

Thanks for all these comments. It is interesting to see that the youngest seiyuus aren't necessarily those with the least experience. And interesting to see that some seiyuus take a while to rise from obscurity.

lyon said...

thanks for the explanation :)