Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hirano Aya Guests on Highly-rated TV Show

Hirano Aya continues her voyage into the world of being a TV personality. She guested last week on "Ikehata Akira's News Study," a weekly in-depth news program in which guests and viewers ask questions about stories in the news, and are answered by well-known journalist Ikehata Akira.

The show garnered a 13.54% share of the audience right in the middle of prime time, between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. This was about the same rating as the week before (0.1% higher, in fact).

There is no comparison between the TV audience for a show like this and for anime. Animes generally get between one and four percent of the small late-night audience. This one appearance has put millions of eyes on Aya.

It's no wonder that her agency sent her a fairly grand congratulatory bouquet.

Aya has recently shifted her blog to Ameba Blog, a system used by many seiyuus and other entertainers. She has also upped her posting frequency, usually posting from one to several times a day. Her twitter feed is also active.

She is also a regular on the new late-night comedy show, Pikaru's Theorem. That is on FujiTV, for the business section of which she acts as website navigator. The news show is on TV Asahi.

I haven't been following her blog, twitter feed, 2channel threads, etc., that closely recently, but I did note that in one blog post, she said that her dancing had become better. So perhaps her health is continuing to recover.

I haven't been able to confirm Sankaku's claim that she said on one show that she wanted men to use thinner condoms. I hope it's not true, since that goes a bit far even for me.

Here are some recent photos. Mouseover some photos for captions:


abandonedfactory said...

Yay! She does look healthier these days. Props to her for going on a news show to discuss current events. I think public discussions of current events can be important (although much is light-weight entertainment). I think she has the ability to endure and become an increasingly important cultural figure. I certainly wish her well.

animekritik said...

I agree with the last comment. Also, never mind the condom gossip, how about the tumor gossip??

hashi said...

@animekritik -- Thanks for the info. Interesting that Sankaku feels the need to cast doubt on whether it's true or not that Aya does have a (benign) brain tumour. Pretty low on his part, it seems to me. Having followed her for a few years now, it all tallies to me. Others can read the story here.

I just can't understand the passion to attack celebrities, Aya in particular. But in any case, Sankaku does keep the info flowing -- as long as we take care to check sources, lol.

Andrew said...

Now this is the first I've heard of this news. Aya has a brain tumor?!

The story is of course on Sankaku Complex (the anime equivalent to the National Enquirer), you really believe it 100%? If so, no offense, but I thought that would've been the subject of your latest post.

Of course, it would make some sense considering her health. If true...this would be quite a big deal. I hope it isn't of course, but if there is anything wrong, then I wish the best for her.

On a lighter note, that first picture of her made her look much more mature, which I think she's very focused on right now. It was hard to believe that she was the same woman as the younger-looking figure in some of the lower pics.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- animekritik's comment was the first I'd heard of it, too. Sankaku only posted on Tuesday, and I haven't been reading all the news about Aya every day, as I said. It would be hard for me to make that the subject of this post, since I didn't know about it until a comment came in, lol. But I checked Aya's twitter feed, and Sankaku appears to have these facts straight.

This would also explain why she sat out many phys ed classes in high school, but still did her dance work. She has opened up about so much else and now she has opened up about this. She said years ago that there were things about her condition that she couldn't tell us, and this may be it.

Sankaku Complex may like to make fun of her and doubt her word, but I see these apparent facts as further reason to admire her tenacity. How many of us could just accept occasional blindness and keep soldiering on? It's another question whether she should be doing it, but that's up to her and her doctors.

I think she looks young but mature, and has for a couple of years now. After all, she has been through a heck of lot in the past few years. But she is a bit of a chameleon, and can act, and be lit and made up, to look various ways.

Nili said...

I thought you'd read this blog (, from which sankaku seems to copy 50% of their content.
(Also, in contrast to sankaku, the source is posted there)

Andrew said...

It's probably not the end of the world for her; the actress Sandy Duncan (she played Peter Pan in one adaptation) also had a benign tumor behind one of her eyes. She had it removed but ended up losing sight in that eye (leading to false rumors that she now has a glass eye).

That said, Wikipedia doesn't say whether Sandy had any of Aya's symptoms.

hashi said...

@Nili -- Quite right. I should read that more. I had noticed previously that Artifact sourced a lot of his stuff from there, but I lost track of the site. Still doesn't give detailed enough sourcing of the condom comment: was it playing a character? a joke based on the program? Not sure.

Her being thrown out of a bar for saying sexy things in an anime voice doesn't bother me, but the condom comment does, depending on context. The report of that show is here: (

animekritik said...

The show starts at 12:45 in the morning, so if Aya wants to keep her spot she has to say naughty things. That's how these shows work.