Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hyakka Ryouran DVD/BD Event -- Yuuki Aoi, Kugimiya Rie, Gotou Saori

The first DVD-BluRay volume of Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls came out last Thursday. The Sunday before, there was a commemorative event at Kameido Camellia Hall in Tokyo. (click images to enlarge)

Yuuki Aoi (Juubei), Kugimiya Rie (Sanada), and Gotou Saori (Hanzou) spoke about their roles and the show and interacted with the audience of about 400. They each wore a different style: Yuuki seemed almost over-dressed with her slight gothic lolita look; Kugyu was the relaxed onee-san, in a voluminous shift; and fey beauty Saorin showed the most leg and decolletage, which wasn't much.

Mizuhara Kaori (Gisen) introduced the show. Kugyu started out by saying: "Today's venue doesn't lend itself to much excitement, so let's just be at home here and relax."

Q -- What was your first impression of this show?

Yuuki Aoi -- "My first impression might have been the ink. 'Ah! They can't do without ink here.' (Laughs.)"

Kugimiya Rie -- "All the characters seemed pretty flashy -- like Sanada's big forehead and geta -- 'flash!' things kept striking your eye. But once we actually started, the serious atmosphere was a bit unexpected."

Q -- What is your impression of your own character?

Gotou Saori -- "Hanzou has glasses and a maid outfit and is M [masochistic] -- I think she has all the requirements."

Kugimiya -- "At the audition when I got the part, the script seemed to have a lot for me to say. I thought: 'This part seems like a lot of work....' And once we got started with the recording, it turned out that not only did I have a lot of lines, but I was often the character who explained the story, and there were a lot of difficult lines, so I had to work hard under pressure every day."

Yuuki -- "At the time of the audition, I thought of Juubei as more of an elder-sister character. But it turned out that despite her glamorous exterior, inside she was quite child-like. The gap between exterior and interior was quite surprising. In episode two there was a line: 'Juubei is a woman like a big dog.' I took that as my image and acted Juubei on the basis of it right to the end."

Q -- What were the recording sessions like?

Yuuki -- Right from the beginning, when we met as a cast to record the "episode 0" feature, Hirakawa-san, who plays Muneakira, helped create a very harmonious atmosphere that carried right through the recording sessions.

Kugimiya -- Hirakawa-san and I were like the mom and dad. (laughs) I'd never been in that position before and I kept wondering what I should be doing.

After the talk, they showed the OP and ED and the video extras from volumes one and two of the BD/DVD.

Then there was a feature where the seiyuus were supposed to use a sketchbook to answer questions from the audience. Yuuki ignored the question and drew a picture of Muneakira. The atmosphere gradually became quite free. Finally, there were drawings for a signed poster and script.

-- based on a report from Moca Voice Actor news.


Kanon said...

Thanks for the translation! It's kind of weird to hear Kugumiya say she was like the mom of the cast. She's certainly experienced enough by now.

Time sure flies...

Julius Firefocht said...

Yuuki Aoi's work in Hyakka Ryouran was absolutely lovely. Good to know she enjoys herself while voicing Juubei.

hashi said...

@Kanon -- I have a little video from around 2004-5 where Kugyu is being interviewed along with Nonaka Ai, and she doesn't let out two peeps, but lets Nonaka-san do what little talking there is. She seems deeply shy there. It's as if she has grown up over the past five years. That's certainly the period during which she has gained prominence (Shana, Nagi).

mangatron said...

Hey thanks for posting this. I always like to read about what the voice actors/actresses have to say about their work, and what they think of their characters' role. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you notice that Yuuki Aoi is the main chara in the new Magical Madoka anime?


hashi said...

@Anonymous -- I certainly did. But thanks for mentioning it. That's the only new show I see her in, though. The lead in Gosick won't be announced until after Christmas, but Yuuki fans are saying it should be her.