Monday, November 01, 2010

SoreMachi OP Video with Seiyuus Live

A video of the highly enjoyable ED to Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru has turned up on YouTube, intercutting cosplay by the seiyuus with the original animation:

In order of appearance, the seiyuus are Yazawa Rieka (guitar, Kon-senpai); Omigawa Chiaki (accordion, Arashiyama); Yuuki Aoi (fiddle, Tatsuno); Shiraishi Ryouko (drums, Haribara).

Ao-chan's fans are going nuts over this on her 2channel thread. Their only complaint is that they wish she was wearing glasses, like her character. Omigawa-san's thread continues to be dominated by people who hate her voice. Sigh. I think she is hilarious in both the show and the PV.


abandonedfactory said...

"Omigawa-san's thread continues to be dominated by people who hate her voice. Sigh."

Just think of how much energy and time they waste on that. Instead they could be enjoying a great show. Maybe if they stopped being so angry they would be able to laugh, which is what I do with SoreMachi each week.

Anyways, thx for the video hook-up. SoreMachi has turned out to be one of my favorite shows this season, and I'm happy to see those involved in making it having fun.

hashi said...

@abandonedfactory -- I realize I was looking at an "anti-" thread, and her main thread is not "dominated", just heavily spotted with anti- posts. Still sighing, but at least it isn't quite as bad.

She does continue to have the highest ratio of anti- threads to ordinary threads I know of: five anti- threads to eight main threads. Even Hirano Aya is only 79:279. Other seiyuu with enemies end up around 1:10.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

I think Omigawa's is appropriate for this role, or I might just be me accustomed to her voice since Yakuindomo.

Still, <3 Omigawa

bmk said...

I'm actually growing to really like Omigawa's voice. I started to notice it during SYD, and now after each episode of SoreMachi, I'm liking her voice work more and more.

Also, if I didn't look at seiyuu cast beforehand, I wouldn't have guessed Ao-chan voiced Toshiko. She continues to impress me.

lvlln said...

I wonder if Omigawa will ever manage to win over her detractors or, at least, stop being bashed by them. Is it her distinctive voice, or is it her acting? Not understanding Japanese, I can't comment on the latter, but I find her voice to be very pleasantly cute, fitting for the roles she's played.

Also, since her debut in Soul Eater, she's only been in Shaft shows except last season's Seitokai Yakuindomo. Has the criticism she's received made her unemployable in most cases? Or is she just a bad voice actor?

Anonymous said...

I don't like Omigawa, mostly because of her voice, but she does pretty well in this role. When I first read the description of her charachter I was certain it would be a good role for Toyosaki Aki, but watching the show I understood it would be a blunder. This role has to be played with a completly non-moe voice.

hashi said...

@Ivlln -- Omigawa-san has a voice with a flat quality that many seiyuu-otaku identify with bad, amateurish voice work. I sometimes find it hard to take myself. But in this show and others, she also has really nice comic ability that her detractors apparently are unable to recognize, since they hate the sound of her voice so much.

Many Japanese seiyuu-otaku seem to demand a kind of professionalism -- with controlled variation of tone and an ability to sound "natural" -- which to me sometimes seems like matching a set of predetermined voices and sounds that make seiyuus sound alike. But the sei-ota do hear something, and can identify which seiyuu have what they want and which don't. And Omigawa-san is probably the popular seiyuu who matches their ideal least.

numbersandspace said...

I can't stand that ED as a musician. Seeing those instruments being played COMPLETELY WRONG makes me rage in caps lock. It's a shame since I'm pretty fond of the song itself. But at this point I've associated the rage inducing elements to the audio.

hashi said...

@numbersandspace -- In the live part, Ao-chan doesn't even bother to move the bow at all, lol. I can laugh, since I'm not a musician. I understand your frustration, even if I don't actually feel your pain.