Friday, November 05, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Eats Her Cat

Not really. But she makes it sound that way in a brief blog post today:


Babaribarisshu everyone!
It's Yuuki Aoi!!!
I'm famished!
Eimi -- munch, munch.
That is all.

-- posted 5 November 2010 9:20pm
-- "babaribarisshu" is the battle cry of Zekrom, Ao-chan's favorite pokemon in the Pokemon BW game.
-- Eimi (see photo) is her cat, a black Munchkin (a dwarf breed)


In another recent post, she left us with a mystery:


Where could this be?
Answer... →it's a secret(^x^)

Looks to me like a recording studio. Perhaps it's just an anime voice recording studio. Perhaps it's where she's recording her character songs as Mio in The World God Only Knows (due out 24 November; CDJapan).

If anyone reading this hasn't read my report from Ao-chan's recent talk event, I recommend it: it shows why she is such an interesting person, as well as being such a good seiyuu.


Corti said...

Eating her cat? Is she the new Shokotan~?

hashi said...

@Corti -- All I have to do is make a post and I learn so much.

Shoko-tan eating her cat:

Japanese girls eating cats:

I knew Hirano Aya was a friend of Shouko-tan. Didn't realize Ao-chan was involved, too, lol.

Anonymous said...

Why rimming the cat though... why :( :( :(

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- I like cats, but I can't even bear the thought of the fur in my mouth, let alone that. Surprised me, too, lol.

banger said...

is putting cats in your mouth all the rage in japan? wtf lol

soulassassin547 said...

This cat-eating gimmickry reminds me of the old sci-fi sitcom Alf. xD