Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yuuki Aoi Fans Going Nuts Over Her On 2channel

Otaku are, well, you know...enthusiastic.

A fan on 2channel put together a 14mb animated gif of Ao-chan's bits in the SoreDemo ED clip I posted a couple of days ago, and it has spurred some flights of fancy in her fans.

"Her glance when she's looking down is the greatest."

"This is the first time in my life I've used these words: 'lick, lick.'" (An expression often used in the thread.)

"What an angel!"

"I'll follow her as her husband.

"I will marry the daughter you and Ao-chan have."

"I will be your and Ao-chan's adopted child: please be nice to me, stepfather."

"And I will marry the daughter you and the daughter have."

"The guy that marries Ao-chan will die after a couple of years, and I will support her through a hard time and be her second husband, and then we will support each other for the remainder of our lives. The rest of you I will bring up strictly."

Here is an 11mb version of the animated gif:

This is not to say that everyone is as enthusiastic over her as these people are. There are 115 posts in an anti- thread (compared to 8,400 in her main threads). Many of these are from fans objecting to the objectors, but the antis do make some good points, it seems to me.

They say her acting is shallow imitation, and say her voice drops out too much. I disagree about the acting: I think she conveys meaning well, but has not been required to do much dramatic acting, except in Kurenai and Vampire Bund, in both of which she did a great job. She is excellent in Shiki, too, although not using a very natural voice. I think the antis may want something more conventional than she gives.

But I agree that her voice drops out, especially in shows like Kiruminzoo and Pokemon BW. The volume various so much that certain words or parts of words become less audible. Since her biggest fans like her most in Kiruminzoo, they are clearly listening to something other than that. She herself likes her work in that show, which is where she was allowed the most freedom to do a wide range of sounds and expressions.

I think her greatest skill is the flexibility of her voice, and her ability to make strong and effective sounds of all kinds. There is just so much power and skill there. And she is one seiyuu who can be almost unrecognizable in different roles. But she is still playing wildly, and will gradually develop a more consistent style.


abandonedfactory said...

"I think her greatest skill is the flexibility of her voice"

I'm looking forward to next episode of SoreMachi for precisely this reason. They have implied this next episode will feature her character, Toshiko.

lvlln said...

Jesus, a 14MB animated gif? That's intense.

Too bad the seiyuu parts in that vid weren't all that good... They should've taken more effort to make the miming match up with the music.

hashi said...

@lvlln -- Yes, there was very little effort made here -- but the science of business is to spend as little as possible to get the maximum result in sales, and they judged this was all they needed to do: just one take and a bit of cutting and voila. As far as I could tell, Ao-chan never even moved the bow across the strings.

abandonedfactory said...

Well, she did move the bow, but most of the time they were showing her was when her character was singing (and therefore not bowing). I wouldn't expect someone, who doesn't actually know how to play an instrument, to pretend to play it convincingly.

Personally I'm glad they did it, because free, low-budget omake material beats nothing.