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Yuuki Aoi Live Talk Event Last Sunday

Yuuki Aoi talk event at Hosei University in Tokyo, 2:30 pm, Sunday 31 October, 2010

Here are rough notes from a long post on 2channel, posted a few hours after the event. They are followed by Ao-chan's own blog post about the event. Great stuff, I must say: she seems open and relaxed (maybe even a bit too open), and like an actual human, as well as an otaku.

She talks in detail about the pokemons she has used playing Pokemon games. She describes a good-looking boy with a word used by fujoshi. She invites people to look at Mina's naked rear end in the Vampire Bund OP.

To keep alert, she says she uses Red Bull -- as well as stage fright. She talks in detail about how she played various characters. And she says her favorite subject at university may be Chinese.

Yuuki mentioned talking about the Pokemon BW game on her blog. She got mail from people when she said how valuable the pokemon Zekrom was. She apologized for not updating the blog recently. She said Zekrom is a moe character.

She said she was able to make friends through her characters and animes. Kotobuki Minako taught her that you can stop a sneeze by putting your index finger under your nose.

Q - What led her to become a seiyuu?
- As a young child, she told her parents that she wanted to be on TV and got a role doing a commercial for home altars and stands.
- She wanted to be Sailor Moon, and was a mimic from age 3 or so.
- She began in anime in grade 5 (as Sakura in Kino no Tabi)

Then they introduced her animes, with a PV-like short video for each one showing behind her.


- Profoundly memorable experience at recording sessions, because that's when she first got to know Sawashiro Miyuki. "Sawashiro-san is godly!"
MC asked her in what ways she resembled Murasaki.
- She didn't think she really resembled her at all, at first. But there are two kinds of actors: (1) the type who analyze their characters, and (2) the type who turn themselves into their characters. And she is the second type. She kept thinking about Murasaki, and how Murasaki could become friends with Shinkuro, etc.

- "Pulse is really beautiful, isn't he?" (The word she uses, 美形 bikei, is used by fujoshi to describe boys in BL works.) She kept saying how the people's faces on the screen were cute, etc.
- "Who here watched Kirumin?" A scattering of hands went up. She was cute when she said: "Now, you watch it, eh!"

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou
- She apologized for not speaking for a while, saying: "The movement was so cool that I was just watching."
- She observed that student council president Lili didn't appear in the video.
- She said how great Kotobuki Minako was, since all that her character said was "guga," but you still understood what she meant.
- About Korone: "Normally, I don't say sexy things like that! But if I had taken all that too seriously, I wouldn't have been able to act the simplest things."

Vampire Bund
The MC asked if she was among those who wanted to get rid of the OP.
- Ao-chan: "Watching the OP is how you get into the show.... If you watch it frame by frame, there are scenes where you can really see her behind.... Please be sure to look at Mina-sama's behind!"
- About Mina, she spoke about the gap between her appearance and her real self.
- You could really say that acting Murasaki and acting Mina are similar. It's just that the premise is that Murasaki is ten, and the premise in the other show is that Mina is 400.
- "I had to get across how Mina made use of her two-sided nature."

Samurai Girls
They showed the uncensored version of the OP, and the MC asked Ao-chan which version was better.
- Ao-chan: "This is the one Mina-san would want to see."
- She said she wasn't sure she was really able to do this, but she tried to get across in her voice the feeling of having big breasts that swayed.
- For Juubei's waking-up mode, she aimed at acting a woman who wanted to be held.

- She talked about learning the katakana for Pokemon Green (which came out when she was four.)
- She thinks the first pokemon she chose was Charmander (jp: Hitokage)
- Since it is an anime aimed at children, from the sound director on, everyone at the recording sessions is very careful with how they speak. In working out how to act Iris, she definitely did not let any "poison" enter.

- Although she thought Tatsuno was a tsukkomi (wise-cracking straight man) character, the concept is more like a mother.
- The tsukkomi character is hard to play, even with the boke (fool) character always there.
- When she can't come up with the right wise-crack against Omigawa Chiaki, Sugita Tomokazu seemed to be able to come up with one. (Sugita is famous for his ad-libs.)

audience question time
She was happy that the time for dialogue with the audience had arrived.

Q - what makes you happiest about being a seiyuu?
- Having confidence in herself, even though she is an otaku who only likes anime and games.
Jp: 『声優をやっていて一番嬉しかったことは?』 自分に自信を持てたことだとか。 ただアニメとかゲームとかが好きなだけのオタクだったけど。

Q - how were you able to expand your range to the deep voice in Samurai Girls?
- She wasn't thinking of producing a low voice, she was really just acting how she thought the character should be. Now she wants to exercise her abdominal muscles, since that way maybe she can extend her vocal range.

Q - what character are you most deeply emotionally attached to?
- She's attached to all of them.

Q - what seiyuu do you admire?
- Definitely Sawashiro Miyuki. Recently Matsumoto Rika doing Satoshi in Pokemon.
- Now with her role in Anpanman, she finds herself admiring everyone there in every way.

Q - hardest character to act?
- They've all been hard. In discussion with the questioner, she spoke of Mina. In addition to the difficulty of deciding how to think about Mina, because the kanji in the script were difficult, she became very familiar with her electonic dictionary.

Q - you're always genki, how do you do it?
- Kotobuki-san introduced her to Red Bull.
- And stage fright gives her a natural high.

Q - acting?
- She has close communication with actors, spreading her antennae for feedback from anyone about acting.

Q - subject she most enjoys at university?
- She asked the questioner what his was, and he replied: "Phys Ed."
- "Phys Ed's great! Let's do Phys Ed!" she said.
- Finally, she answered: "Hmmm. Maybe Chinese?" People asked her to speak some Chinese. She said she was really bad at it. She wanted to become good at answering in Chinese when her teacher got angry with her.

Q - What pokemon have you played?
- in Red and Green, Vulpix (jp: Rokon)
- in Gold and Silver, Umbreon (jp: Burakkii)
- in Ruby and Sapphire, Altaria (jp: Chirutasu )
- in Diamond and Pearl, Luxray (jp: Rentoraa)
- "In Black and White, even though I should say Kibago (her character's pokemon), I'll say Zekrom."
- She talked about electric technique pokemon, and how they are better to use in the more recent games, since they have higher energy.

Three people won signed presents from Ao-chan. She was cute when she was signing:
1 - "Do you want a heart mark or a star mark?" -- star.
"Nyanyanya -- let's do shooting stars."
2 - Heart mark, star mark, or fish mark? -- heart.
"I made the face look like a fish -- yuck."
3 - Heart mark, star mark, or fish mark ... or Miku?
"Eh? What was that?" the recipient said. "Oh, nothing," she replied. And the Miku she drew seemed very determined.

Afterwards, they handed out postcards of her characters, apparently from pixiv. "Are there postcards? I want!"

About her father, who appears from time to time in her blog, she said his recent driver's license photo looks like a criminal. He's a health otaku, going to the gym, etc. He looks like a a tanned macho priest. But he works at a game company, so appearance is not an issue.

from Yuuki Aoi's blog, Tuesday 2 November:

Thank you both to those who came to the event
and to those who watched over me from afar.
Thank goodness the typhoon had passed///
The event was so much fun (*^-^*)
Have I ever had an event where I could talk with everyone like this?
It felt as if everyone who came was on Yuuki's side, so I had an open and relaxed feeling.
I was a bit selfish, and a bit silly,
But everyone seemed to accept was a time for everyone to spoil me(*´ω`*)
To have a chance to talk to each other...and to understand each really is a big deal (`・ω・´)
...My apologies to those who did not know some of the spoilers I revealed (・ω・;)
I received a lot of letters and presents!  I got a lot of prizes from the Baskin-Robbins game////
I got a lot of Eimi pens -- for a moment it seemed as if Eimi had come with me to the event ♪
Candy, black tea, a cushion, a lap blanket.
and lots of black cat goods!
And even a digital SLR!
And by the way, a ribbon I got is now Eimi's collar ♪
Of course, I was wildly happy to get the presents,
but, but...I was happy just that you were there.
Please come and see Yuuki again, eh (*´Д`)
Thank you very much, everyone!!

notes: Eimi is Ao-chan's black cat. Ao-chan likes "31" (i.e., Baskin-Robbins) ice cream.

News Flash: Ao-chan will star in the new Shinbou magical girl anime,  Mahou Shoujou Madoka Majika, which will start in January. Music by Kajiura Yuki. Script by Urobuchi Gen of Nitro Plus. Original character design by Aoki Ume (Hidamari Sketch). Shinbou apparently directed the first few episodes of Nanoha, and fans are thinking this show may become a classic to compare with that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Ao-chan sounds like such a fun and sweet person. And that's very interesting that her favorite subject is Chinese; I'd never have thought that since her kanji is reportedly not very good. Good luck to her Chinese!

And her cat is beyond adorable. :)

Matteas said...

This has made me like her even more than before. She seems to be a very entertaining person. Furthermore, despite her being 18, she brims with a healthy amount of confidence and doesn't think twice about what she blurts out.

Maji Kotobuki introduced her to Red Bull? Well, I hope it's only that Red Bull. Given the atmosphere in Hyakka Ryouran Radio Girls, I wouldn't be surprised if she had introduced her to more things than just Red Bull XD

banger said...

i like her personality, seems pretty fun...but unfortunately i find her voice to be a little on the weak side. i don't hear the versatility in her voice that others talk about either. still fun to read about these types of interviews though.

hashi said...

@banger -- Hmm. Not sure how we can hear the voice so differently. I can see weak if you're only listening to certain shows. I like her least in Pokemon and Kiruminzoo, where to me, her voice seems to drop out sometimes. However, in Kiruminzoo, her voice is pretty inventive, with a lot of dynamics.

In shows like Yumeiro Patissiere and Vampire Bund, you can hear what I think is the strongest high voice around, with a lot of variation and intensity. Although I actually love her voice in Shiki, where the high voice is played thinner, but has a lot of expressiveness.

The single answer to variation is Hyakka Ryouran, where she gives both tenor (almost baritone) and soprano from the same character. Sunako in Shiki and Korone in Dai Maou are totally different. And she has a range of small sopranos, from Shiki to YumePati.

In her battle cry in ep6 of Hyakka Ryouran, you hear her go from growl to shout, with several points of different angle and intensity.

Anyway, that's the stuff that I hear. Thanks for making an interesting point.